Who Will Perry Choose?

Perry and Zayn were the perfect couple. They were addicted to eachother until one day a twinkle in Louis' eye got her! She suddenly loved Louis, therefore kept her feelings shut about him. She did also care for Zayn although, the day Perry visites the boys in their flat she makes a public announcement on who Perry will choose : Which one would you choose? Zayn or Louis? Read more to find out who Perry chooses.


1. Just a normal day in Highschool -Perry'sPOV-

A bright beem of light peered through my blind leaving my room bright and sunny. That woke me up so I sat up and rubbed my eyes. "School!" I sighed. I really didn't feel like going to school if I'm honest with you. I launched myself out of bed and headed to my wardrobe. With in minuites I found myself dressed and ready for school. After smothering black eyeliner and layering myself in blusher I stumbled downstairs and headed for the door. I didn't eat breakfast much, maybe that's why I was so skinny. Usally I concerntrated on getting to school early as Zayn was there early.

Finally I arrived. Zayn waited paitently for me on a wooden bench. I dashed to him as quick as I could. "Hey babe." Zayn declared.

"Hey," I smiled. We hugged tightly and didn't want to let go. I slumped my backpack on the floor next to my feet and put my arm around Zayn. "When we next gonna see each other then?" Zayn asked me desperately.

"I'm free tonight. You and the boys could all come over to mine? My Dad's out all night." I suggested. "Yeah. I'd like that." Zayn replied. Not long after the bell rang so we headed in. Niall hobbled over to us. "Hey you two." He said cheerfully.

"Hiya." I answered. "Oohh, I see someone is having a time of their life?" Niall teased making Zayn jump, "Lol."


Authors note: Shall I carry on. I just read through this and it's crap :( I think I'm gonna do a different story...

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