Heartful Cry

Jace Marshall, 17 year highschool student. He follows a normal life. Its nothing special. One day he stumbles upon the legendary Book of Shadows and summons an envoy from Planet Yamato by messing around with his new book. This envoy happens to be a girl. She is called Luto Mikazuki, wielder of a mithycal blade in which dwells a lighting god. Jace has to help Luto with whatever she will have to do, for he summoned her. What hardships wil he have to encounter? What will he have to go trough? What or who is this woman? Let's find out.


13. Wings

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?'


The breeze is wonderful, the place is surrounded with trees. There is no civilization close, so no one will interrupt their training. Or should we call it their search?


Jace: Why in the hell do we have to come here anyways, Luto?!

Luto: It is said that the forests on mountains help you focus.

Jace: Focus on what? We still have to find out our powers you know...

Aya: Don't be so impatient, Jace... We'll figure it out! she says and smiles

Jace: I guess you're right. Sorry.

The three of them are now walking for at least one hour in the forest, looking for a good place to start something.

A deep silence has awoken and only the birds can be heard singing. The view is amazing for Aya, as she was always curious and never actually went to the mountainside.

Aya: Woww~ this is really great... she says as she streaches her arms in the breeze.

Jace: You really seem to be having fun, but remember, we're here on serious business.

Aya: Yeah yeaaah~ I gotcha.....

Luto: This seems nice enough. How about it? 

Luto is now standing before an open plataeu with no trees or anything on it. It looks like the perfect place to train.

Jace: So, Luto... How are we going to awaken these powers of our?

Luto: Think fast.

Luto quickly draws her sword and slashes it at Jace's neck. However Jace dodges by ducking under it and then backing off quite a bit.

Jace: What in the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to kill me?!

Luto: ... Hurry up and die.

Jace: Tch, that's it... You bitch...!

Jace backs off more and puts his hands on a thick twig that he can handle as a weapon. However that does not last for very long. As Luto swings her sword at him, Jace blocks the attack but in the same time backs off a lot. The twig gets destroyed with only one slash.

Jace: Psh...

Luto: You seem surprised... You really thought that thing will last for more than 5 seconds?! Now DIE!

It was the end. She was really going to kill him, Jace thought. But just in time....

Aya: STOP! I won't let you lay a single finger on him!

Aya dashes and stands in front of Jace now, as she would want to defend him.

Luto: Haha, so what the hell are YOU GOING TO DO YOU LITTLE CRAP?!?

Luto slashes her sword with tremendous force. It was really the end this time. They will both die.  That's what they thought anyways. But just in a matter of milliseconds, Aya puts her hands together just like she would act on instinct and a bright light is emitted. Luto backs off before she could attack, getting blindfolded by the light.

Luto: Heh.... So... You got a trick up your sleeve.

The light then goes out. Aya now has attached to her arms two very long railguns. Her outfit has also changed. She has some sort of an godly aura to it as well.. Two white angelic wings were coming out of her back.

Luto starts clapping and Jace is just amazed of Aya's outfit and appearance. 

Luto then says:

Luto: So that's what you've been hiding in that body.... So much power.. And hiding it without your own will is a really interesting fact. This means that your power sure was deep inside of you, strong. Very strong.

Aya: ....

Jace: A-Aya.... Amazing... Are you alright?!

Aya: I... I am alright. I'm more than alright....

Luto: Heh... Well, there's her power then.

Jace: Weren't you going to kill me just like five seconds ago, Luto?

Luto: I've been summoned here to defend you, remember? I was just doing that to see if Aya awakens. I'm sure as damn it worked.

Jace:.... Yeah, it did...

Luto: That would be one down. One more to go, you, Jace. We must find your power now.

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