Heartful Cry

Jace Marshall, 17 year highschool student. He follows a normal life. Its nothing special. One day he stumbles upon the legendary Book of Shadows and summons an envoy from Planet Yamato by messing around with his new book. This envoy happens to be a girl. She is called Luto Mikazuki, wielder of a mithycal blade in which dwells a lighting god. Jace has to help Luto with whatever she will have to do, for he summoned her. What hardships wil he have to encounter? What will he have to go trough? What or who is this woman? Let's find out.


5. Lunch

The first 3 classes are now done, so it's time for the 20 minutes lunch break.

As Jace gets out of the classroom, Aya follows him and grabs him by hand, saying as she smiles:

Aya: Hey there, you look hungry. Let's have lunch on the roof together. The rain stopped too like one hour ago!

Jace: Oh, sure... I didnt brought any lunch though. I was in a hurry this morning.

Aya:Don't worry! I brought lunch for both of us.

Jace: How thoughtful of you, he says as he smiles.

They both head on the roof and sit on one of the benches, as they enjoy lunch together.


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