Far Away

Two twin sisters, separated at birth, become pen pals by chance. Emily, from America lives with her mom and goes to Senori High school as a ninth grader. Alison, from England lives with a foster family and goes to Geuani High school. When the time comes the girls come fast friends through letters and text messaging, never knowing what the other looks like. The fated day of the school field trip to meet them Emily and Alison find out something life changing making Alison travel back with them to America.


1. Charecters

Emily: Daughter of Joanna; one protagonist;Blonde haired blue eyed beauty

Alison: Foster child; Second Protagonist; Blonde haired and blue eyed nerd

Joanna: Mother of Emily

Samuel: Alison's foster dad

Donna: Alison's foster mom

Mrs.Jackson: Emily's teacher

Ms.Lunar: Alison's teacher


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