The Bitch Inside (Zayn Malik Fan Fic)

Ronnie that is me and I am the baddest bitch in school. Manly because I have done every bad thing you can dream or think of. Including everyone except this one kid and his stupid little group. Oh and how I hate him. Although we have many similarities and in a way he kind of is the guy version of me. But I honestly hate him ever since middle school. Now I have stumbled on to a huge problem. We both got assigned to do the huge science project together and not only is it a shit load of work to do but also add stress with him around, also my ex is back in town.
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9. 8: Food Fight

                                                             8: Food Fight

                      The rest of the day was good. All though a lot of people were annoying me at lunch, I survived. The last bell rang and I went to my locker to get and put books back. I walked out of the school to see Zayn smoking next to his car with 10th grade boys around him. I walked over to him.

"So Zayn ,we gonna go? I wanna finish this stupid project."'

"Oh is your project fucking him?" a 10th grader said to me.

"I suggest you such your fucking mouth before I fucking ruin you."

I then got into the car and waited for Zayn to finish smoking. While I was waiting I saw the 10th grader walking away. After what felt like forever, Zayn finally got into the freaking car.

"Wanna listen to the radio?" I knew he said that because in the car was akaward silence.

"Yeah sure." After he turned on the music the akawardness was gone. After a couple of songs we already got to Zayn's house so we got out. We walked inside and got right to the project.

"So, this is what we will do okay?" Zayn asked about the project.

"Yeah." He was figuring something out and I got bored so I walked into the kitchen. I went into the cabinet. I opened it up and got some flour.


"Yeah what?"

I walked out of the kitchen and grabbed a handful of flour. I threw it right into his face. He started coughing and then stated,

"I'm going to kill you."

"Yeah, or do you just want to throw some grapes on me?" I said and threw him a bag of grapes. For the next 30 minutes or so, me and Zayn were food fighting. Once it finally ended I went to take a shower. I got out and put on some clothing Zayn had given me.

"Zayn can I tell you something?"


"Promise not to laugh?"

"I promise."

"I miss you a lot."

"I miss y--" I cut him off with a kiss. We got into a full on make out session and both of our shirts were off. We were about to go all the way but I got a call.

"Hello?" I asked really annoyed because who ever was calling interrupted me and Zayn.

"Hey honey, its mom. I need to to get home from where ever you are right now because we are excpecting guest, and they are very important."

"Okay mom, I'll be home as soon as possibale." I said that and hung up.

"Zanye, I'm sorry but I really have to go can we finish this another time?"

"Sure Ron, I understand your mom needs you."

"Okay thanks and one more thing, can you drive me home?"


(A/N)- Okay so this was supposed to be updated yesterday but it got deleted and what I wrote yesterday was a better chapter but who cares its still good. Oh and I stopped here cause I didn't know if you wanted a sex scene but comment if you do.- Twerking_Hazza

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