The Bitch Inside (Zayn Malik Fan Fic)

Ronnie that is me and I am the baddest bitch in school. Manly because I have done every bad thing you can dream or think of. Including everyone except this one kid and his stupid little group. Oh and how I hate him. Although we have many similarities and in a way he kind of is the guy version of me. But I honestly hate him ever since middle school. Now I have stumbled on to a huge problem. We both got assigned to do the huge science project together and not only is it a shit load of work to do but also add stress with him around, also my ex is back in town.
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3. 2: A New Member

                                                         2: A New Member 

                    I started to walk to my class and I was already late shit. I started running to my class and I finally got there. I opened the door and I saw my teacher look at me.

"Ms.Lawrence, care to join us?" she said in the most annoying tone ever.

"Sorry." I looked around and the only seat I saw that was empty was a chair next to Zayn, or a kid that picks his nose and farts a lot. I decided to sit next to Zayn cause I thought it would be a better idea to get annoyed by Zayn than to smell like fart and have a chance to get boogers on me.

"Oh Ronniepoo, I see you sat next to me."

"Don't get hopes up Zayne, you'll never get a chance with me."

"Who would even want you anyways." I ignored him. Not because he was really annoying but because the teacher was talking and I have already been late to class on the first day. The rest of the 3 periods went by and it was time for lunch. I walked into the canteen and found the usual table I sit at with Kate.

"Kate who are these people?" I asked her that because there were some new kids sitting there. "Hasn't anyone told you new kids you don't sit on this table unless your part of our group?"

"N-No, we just couldn't find anywhere to sit and there was nobody siting here." a girl shuttered. I could tell she was scared by my tone.

"Its ok you can sit here, if you'd like. I'm Ronnie, thats Kate. We'll take you under our wing. Well thats if you wanna be popular of course. So wanna join our group?" It was really rare that I did that before the auditions.

"Sure. By the way i'm Jordan." 

"Okay welcome to our group Jordan. There are some rules we have to go over though." I turned my head and pointed to Zayn and his posse and continued talking, "You see those 5 boys over there?"

"Mhm." she hummed.

"Well, you can't date anyone from that posse, and you can't hook up with any of them. Do you understand."

"Yes Ronnie." She was really nervous when I said that.

"Ok you can call me Ron, oh and you see how there are 5 boys and only 3 of us we will host auditions to find 2 more girls you can tell your friends to audition every single girl will." I finished. Then Kate spoke up,

"You're a very lucky girl Jordan. This never happens that Ronnie just lets you into the group."

I looked at the clock and the bell was about to ring. I didn't even know time can pass so fast. "Well lets get going to our classes shall we." I said after I got Jordan's phone number. Me and Kate had the same class next so we both went ahead and tried to get to our classes first so we can pick our seats.


(A/N)- Its Twerking_Hazza again. Sorry for the short chapter again. But I updated twice in a day so thats really rare. But We hope you enjoy it and tell us what you think of the story so far. Bye.

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