The Bitch Inside (Zayn Malik Fan Fic)

Ronnie that is me and I am the baddest bitch in school. Manly because I have done every bad thing you can dream or think of. Including everyone except this one kid and his stupid little group. Oh and how I hate him. Although we have many similarities and in a way he kind of is the guy version of me. But I honestly hate him ever since middle school. Now I have stumbled on to a huge problem. We both got assigned to do the huge science project together and not only is it a shit load of work to do but also add stress with him around, also my ex is back in town.
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14. 13. Horrors of Loving Someone

                                               13. Horrors of Loving Someone


         I woke to the most pain in my entire life, the bruise still burned and my heart ached. My eyes still a bit wet from last night's tears. Which was very unfortunate because today was school and now i have to cover it all up. I walked to the bathroom, looked at the mirror to find a purple/black bruise on my right cheek. Almost instantly I grabbed my foundation and blended till you almost cant anything but a little uncolored area. I started driving to school and when I finally got there I ran inside not wanting to speak to anyone except him. I looked up when I got inside and saw Zayn.

"Zayn," I said quickly walking over to him. "Zayn, I need to talk to you." I grabbed his arm and walked into an empty classroom.

"What happened Ron?" I couldn't even speak. I started sobbing into his shoulder.

"H-h-he hit me Zayn. He punched me in the eye." I said between sighs.

"That dumb-fuck."

"Zayn." I said slowly as I stopped crying as I realized it might take my foundation off my eye. "We cant be together. I heard you tell Charles to tell me a message and he never did, I heard it myself. I love you but we just cant be."

"Why not Ronnie? We are ment to be together."

"Because- yesterday before he punched me, I told him my heart didn't belong to him, it belonged to someone else-" The bell rang and I realized we were late. "Talk to me at lunch."

I got to my class and as I walked in, "Nice of you to join us Ronnie" 

I walked to my seat waiting for class to end. So many things were on my mind I just couldn't take it. All my classes ended and it was time for lunch. I went to my regular table and sat down with my people.

"Hi, has anyone seen Zayn?"

"No, why were you thinking of a plan to destroy him?"

"Yeah just that.." I have totaly forgot that my friends dont know about us.

Well I guess ill just have to sneak away from then to find him.


(A/N)- I went to the WWAT yesterday and Harry looked at me, then he waved :)


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