It's a New Year Miracle!(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Mimi has two best friend's Maddie and Stephanie they're the most popular girls in school, and they always get in trouble. They're always going to parties or out clubbing, they don't really care about school but they still go anyway just for fun. It's New Year's and all the girls were gonna go clubbing, but Maddie's "friends" is throwing a party and invited them. This party didn't seem like any other party, Stephanie had a bad feeling about party. She didn't really want to go to the party, but the girls convinced her that she had to go.


2. We're going to be late!


Mimi's POV.


Today is New Year Eve, people are out running around town making last minute preparation for the party their going to. But me on the other hand is at home with one of my besties Maddie. It's like around 9am and were just talking about what were doing to do for New Years. I walk over to my dresser looking at myself in the mirror. I applied some eye liner and mascara, because I've heard that I look gorgeous without tons of make up. After I finished I was deciding on either putting my hair in a high bun or just doing a waterfall braid, I needed a second opinion.

"Hey Maddie what should I do with my hair? A high bun or a waterfall braid?" I turned to Maddie who was on the floor looking at magazines and painting her nails. "I don't know what are you wearing? She looked up and gave me a confused look with her nose scrunched up. I didn't even know what I was wearing to the party. I gave her the 'I don't really know' look and she knew that we need to figure out what were going to wear.

Maddie's nails weren't finished drying but she got up from the floor and we walked over to my walk-in closet. She knew if she touched anything with her wet nails, I would full on football tackle her. I picked out black leggings, black knee length boots, and black fading into white long sleeve sweater. I looked at Maddie for a reaction , she nodded her head approvingly. Now it's her turn I flipped through some of my clothes then I found a cute dark blue baggy shirt. I showed her the shirt she smiled at my choice, then she went over to my jeans and started going through them. She picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and also picked out some black platform heels.

After that adventure to find clothes we walked out of my closet for now, we'll pick our other accessories out later. I went to me bed and laid down then looked at the clock it said 11am. I didn't think that were in my closet for that long. I didn't know what to do for the next 7 hours, so I went on Twitter and Facebook to find nothing interesting. I soon went on Instagram to post a few pics, just to get notified 2secs later that over 70 people liked my pics. I got bored and fell asleep, I forgot that Maddie was still at my house. She was being really quiet, it was really strange cause she's never quiet. I woke up to Maddie yelling and shoving me off the bed I looked up at her. I was about to yell at her, but she pointed towards my alarm clock. It said 2:45pm I had less than 3hours to get ready before Stephanie comes to get for the party. I quickly got up off the floor and sprinted for the bathroom.

I turned on the water then stripped from my clothes then hopped in the shower and wash my face, hair, and any other important part of my body. I got out and wrapped myself in a towel, then I wrapped my hair up in a towel and started drying off. After I finished drying off I put my panties and bra on. I walked over to my dresser and did my makeup with a natural look then I decided on just leaving my hair down and curling them. After that I did Maddie's hair in a waterfall braid, which showed off her natural dark chocolate highlights that went with her black hair perfectly. While I did her hair Maddie put on some mascara and eyeliner, when I finished we went to the closet to get dressed, when we came out I looked over at the clock which said 5:10pm Stephanie would be here any minute. I grabbed my phone from off the charger and shoved it into my pocket. Then the doorbell rang and we ran downstairs, because we need to hurry and get to party.

"Hey guys, were going to be late but it's okay, because we're going to be fashionably late! So hold on to your panties." Stephanie said looking at me in the rearview mirror.


I really hope you liked it, I'll update as soon as possible. Please no hate it's my first book. Sorry if it's short:(~MaddieStyles21~

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