It's a New Year Miracle!(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Mimi has two best friend's Maddie and Stephanie they're the most popular girls in school, and they always get in trouble. They're always going to parties or out clubbing, they don't really care about school but they still go anyway just for fun. It's New Year's and all the girls were gonna go clubbing, but Maddie's "friends" is throwing a party and invited them. This party didn't seem like any other party, Stephanie had a bad feeling about party. She didn't really want to go to the party, but the girls convinced her that she had to go.


3. Party peopleXD


Maddie POV

We made it to the party about ten minutes later, I stepped out of the car and the smell of alcohol burned my nose. But it didn't bother me because I love the smell of vodka, we walked in and there were some people getting it on in the hallway. I saw one guy fall half way down the stairs and got back up then tripped over his own feet.

I went to the kitchen to get a beer, I looked behind to see Mimi following me, I didn't see where Stephanie went but she probably went to find a cute guy she could play with for the rest of the night. When we got to the kitchen I saw my friend Trey walking over to me, I had to admit he was hot and he thought that I was hot too but he didn't want it to be awkward between us.

I took a step closer to him then raised my arms to give him a hug, his cologne smelled so good. I stepped back so Mimi could hug him, "Hey Trey, I want you to meet my best friend Mimi, Mimi this is my good friend Trey. We've known each other since like the sixth grade, boy did we have some interesting events then you would've loved it.

Oh an Trey I've known Mimi since I was like 5, and we've been besties ever since." I said with a smile "Well hey and sorry but I gotta go that hot girl over there has been checking me out for like five minutes now and I want a closer look, see you girls later."

He said walking in the direction of the girl in the corner. "Well he was really sweet, I like him!" Mimi said with a smile looking over in his direction. "Mimi do you mean as in a one night stand or an actual relationship?" I said with a confused look, while grabbing two red cup and pouring myself and her some beer.

Then handing her the cup and taking a sip, then looked at me as if I was on meth or something. "Are you serious Maddie do I look like a relationship kinda girl?" She said with a hint of sass in her voice, then taking a sip of her drink. "Speaking of relationships where on earth is my boyfriend, I mean this is his party!" I said looking through the crowd of people, then a curly brown haired boy came into view. He was staring right at us, but then I notice he wasn't staring at me but at me.


Mimi POV

Maddie nudged my arm then brought he head down to my ear and tried to yell over the blaring music. "Mimi look to the middle of the dance floor, then look to the couch up against the wall . Look at the guy with curly brown hair and a tight white shirt on plus he's been staring at you for the last five minutes!"

She said looking in a different direction as me, she probably spotted her boyfriend or something in that category. I follow her instructions and find the guy that she had descried sitting on the couch. Not even looking at Maddie I say, "Hey Maddie I'm going to ask him if he wants to dance, so don't wait up"

Then I started to walk over to the curly haired boy, but I didn't go to him I went to the boy sitting next to him. He wasn't as hot as the other boy, but still pretty cute. I put my head right by his ear and whisper, "Hey cutie, you wanna dance?" I said in a very seductive voice, then I look into his eyes and I could see the curly haired boy staring at me from the corner of my eye.

The guy then got up, an I down my beer and throw the cup on the floor. I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the crowd but still in view of the curly haired boy. As we got on the dance floor 'Turn Up The Music' by Chris Brown started playing and I started grinding on him, moving my hips to the beat of the music.

His hands started roaming my hips then down to my thighs, he then turned me around so that I was now facing him. He then reached his arms forward pulling me closer to him, he wrapped his hands around my waist soon after. But I spun around for a second and started grinding on him again.

I felt myself being pulled to the right, and when I looked up it was the curly haired boy grinning at me. "I saw you dance ever so sexy over here, and I just couldn't help myself. I just had to get a piece of your sexy ass, it was just teasing." He said wrapping his hand around my waist, then soon dropping them to my ass an squeezing it a little which made jump a little. I looked up into his emerald eyes, they were so mesmerizing I couldn't help but stare. Then I snapped out of my trance when 'No hands' by Waka Flocka Flame started playing.

I felt a little tipsy but I still knew what I was doing, I got really close to his face, our foreheads touching then I spun around and started grinding on him. He pulled me close to his body, then yelled in my ear "Hey babe let's get out of here and go to my place I said yes an then dragged him over to the beer and found Maddie making out with I assume to be her boyfriend. I tap her on the shoulder, she sighs then looks at me and a smile plays on her lips "I thought you were someone else for a minute there..."

Then she turns her head to the side an is probably looking at curly, then she brings her gaze back to me with a big fat grin plastered across her face. "Who's he... is he taking home with him?" She asks still smiling, I nod as it's not that big of a deal.

We then say our good-bye and then me and curly walk out of the house, but then get stopped by a drunk 10 graders that smacked my ass. I then turn and whisper in his ear "Slap my ass one more time and see what happens, you piece of shit" I smile and then look at their face the look really sad "Oh are you going to cry, because I didn't let you have your fun" I softly yelled, then walked away with curly. He opened the car door for me and when I got in he closed it, then ran to the otherside and drove to his house. Tonight just keeps getting better and better!

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