World Jumping

When the chance arrives that Skulduggery could possibly get skin again what will the crime fighting duo to help eachother out and finally get Skulduggery back to his former self? No one ever said it was going to be easy though.. I dont own Skulduggery pleasant or any characters they belong to Derek Landy. Bad summary.


1. Chapter one

Chapter one

"Valkyrie...? Valkyrie...? Wake up Valkyrie! Come on Valkyrie move! Move Valkyrie! MOVE!" Skulduggery shouted as Dusk jumped through the window in the old tattoo shop Finbar owned in Temple Bar and a giant swarm of vampires lept through the gaping whole Dusk had left. Skulduggery had to protect Valkyrie no matter what because whilst she was in dreaded dream world, she had to go in to recover a very rare liquid that would mean Skulduggery could once again be human and finally be the man he once was instead of his current skeleton form, She was defenceless against any attacks. "Any last words... Pleasant?" Dusk sneered as he directed the question at Skulduggery but he never took his eyes off Valkyrie's sleeping form lying on the chair she was in. "Just a few... I hope you enjoy losing tonight because thats whats going to happen right now beca-" Skulduggery started but Dusk cut him off. "You always did talk too much Pleasant, And now your precious Valkyrie will never even get to hear your final words!""Incorrect again my friend for Valkyrie will hear me for many years to come wheras you will be muted in about well lets say five minutes... Yep five minutes should be goo-""Shut it and prepare for your doom!" Dusk snarled and leapt high as Skulduggery dodged it easily and countered with a strike of fire to Dusk's head which narrowly missed his face. Dusk only got angrier and suddenly his eyes snapped to Valkyries form as she started to stir as she was slowly waking up, Which only made Skulduggery have a open shot at Dusk who was now distracted by valkyrie. Dusk quickly recovered and Skulduggery only had time to roar in anger as Dusk leapt up at Valkyrie...

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