World Jumping

When the chance arrives that Skulduggery could possibly get skin again what will the crime fighting duo to help eachother out and finally get Skulduggery back to his former self? No one ever said it was going to be easy though.. I dont own Skulduggery pleasant or any characters they belong to Derek Landy. Bad summary.


4. Chapter four

Chapter four

"Seatbelt" Skulduggery muttered as he gently pulled the Bentley out onto the main roads Valkyrie recognised as being the way to Haggard in silence and only proceded to talk when they were safely on the main road. "Explain yourself" Skulduggery whispered as valkyrie lightly nodded. "Im so sorry I was late Skulduggery but I have been so worn down and tired lately that I just slept as soon as you drove me home last night and only woke up five minutes ago.." Valkyire whispered.
"If your so tired then why don't you just say? I wont think any less of you because of it I need to mediate too it isnt embarrassing just speak up next time ok?" Skulduggery softly said back and looked at Valkyrie when she smiled back at him. "Now that we have that sorted out let me get you back up to speed sleepy head," this earned a blush from Valkyrie causing her to drop her head and earned a chuckle from Skulduggery.  "I believe that there is a stone that when heated up to a certain temperature it will give off a liquid called Carraig Dó, Now if your schools taught you anything this means....?"
"It means hot rock"
"Close but not quite right. It actually means Burning rock. This liquid is supposed to grant you any wish wether it be a new car to a new family and I think that it may mean I can have skin again. But there is a catch."
"When isn't there?" Valkyrie sighed to herself at the truth in her words.
"Good point. This rock ironically can only be found in a dream world which is created by a sensitive that has a link from the person wanting to go to the other world and the current one. Now of course I would go for this but even if I did you have to burn the rock over there or else it simply loses its energy and changes back into a normal rock and with so few out there we cannot afford to waste them, even if I did find some I simply couldnt burn it."
"What? Why?" Valkyire frowned.
"Because I dont have the right blood to sacrifice onto the stone, And I dont have any blood at all. But you my dear Valkyrie do. Because ancient blood is needed to break the bond between fake and real meaning that you are the only person on the planet who can do this."
"So let me get this straight.. You want me to go into a fake world to find a magic stone,  bleed on said stone and hope some bond is broken then burn that rock until it changes state to a liquid and contain this liquid for you to drink and become human again?"
"Correct. Valkyrie please believe that I wanted to avoid your involvement in this bu-"
"Look Skulduggery,  you know I would do anything for you and I will do anything"
"Thank you but you see its not as simple as it sounds. If you do it wrong you will have a harder time to find a new rock and will have to offer more blood. Also it made a mage who was in his hundreds die when he tried it many years ago because the world boundaries become to strong to penetrate meaning that he attempted to make the jump across the worlds and he didnt make it. Valkyrie this could kill you."
"I have gone into the faceless one dimension there and back and I survived so I think I have got this ok?"
"No Valkyrie that was different you did that on your own accord wheras im basically sending you off on a suicide mission for my own gain. You know I cant allow that."
"No Skulduggery.  Im going."
"No, we have a meeting with the elders now to discuss the mission and they wont be so willing to allow you to just go. "
"No buts Valkyrie! Just this once listen to me!"
Valkyrie didn't have time to reply to him as he had already left the Bentley when she wasn't even aware they had arrived in the first place.  Valkyrie took a minute to compose herself and left the comfort of the Bentley and proceded to follow Skulduggery into the sanctuary completely ready to offer her life for him....

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