What If

I am doing a what if hunger games version. You can comment a what if (example: what if Katniss didn't volunteer for Prim, or what if Katniss lived in a different district)


2. What if Gale Went into the Hunger Games with Prim Part 1 (Cute as F***

A/N There is a lot of things that could of happened, but I picked my favorite. I hope you enjoy this! I am starting from the chariot rides.




I never thought this would happen, but it really is. I am in the Hunger Games. I am a pawn of the Capitol. Katniss's last words to me bounced around in my skull "I love you, I don't want you to go." It was the only thing I could think of. She promised to keep my family safe and feed. I looked over at Prim. The tiny, fragile and beautiful person I had to kill. I couldn't bear the thought, so I thought of something else. A happy thought. I thought of the times I had been. In the forest with Katniss. My stylist, Portia, was kind enough, and Haymich made me so mad, I couldn't even talk to him, but he and Prim seemed to be getting along. Maybe that old bloke has a heart after all. I looked at the mocking jay pin Katniss had given to me and slipped it into my pocket.

"It's time," Cinna said gravely. I nodded. Prim and I slowly climbed up onto the chariot, and I put my arm around her shoulders. She looked terrified, but she stood up even straighter. And nodded at me

"I'll be alright Gale," she promised. "It's you, you need to worry about."

"I promise, I'll protect you," I said. "You'll get home safe and sound." Cinna spoke quickly, and explained what our costumes could do. They were a bulky, tight fitting body suit, that had little decoration.

"Once you get up to speed, the costume will shred off. Don't worry, you won't be naked," Cinna added, looking at my face.

"What's underneath?" Prim asked timidly. Cinna smiling, took Prim's hands in his.

"It's a surprise," he said, eyes twinkling. I had a bad feeling about him. "Oh, and hold hands," he said, just as we began to move. I held Prim's small dainty hand in mine as we sped off. Our costumes began to melt off, and I looked up at the cameras, and I looked... Awesome. My suit had melted off, and I was covered in sparking coal dust, and a small spark began, weaving itself into the cloth, swirling in patterns across the fabric. I looked at Prim, and she looked like a fairy. She was small and dainty, but she was immediately the center of attention. Her makeup was perfect, and matches her perfectly. I smiled at her and assured her it would be ok. I held her, and the audience went wild. The funny thing is, I wasn't doing it for them.


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