What If

I am doing a what if hunger games version. You can comment a what if (example: what if Katniss didn't volunteer for Prim, or what if Katniss lived in a different district)


3. Part 2

A/N ok, skipping ahead a little bit to the training hope you don't mind ;)

"You ready?" I asked Prim.

"No. Are you"

"Not at all." We rode the elevator in silence, until we stepped out. We decided to not split up, and stay together. And so we did. I could tell she was nervous. She wasn't a great fighter, but she could heal. You can't really heal a dummy though.We entered, and saw so many weapons and I saw bows of many shapes and sizes. I immediately thought of Katniss. I wondered if she was ok. If she had fulfilled her promise of taking care if my family.

" Gale?" Prim asked me.

"Ya, what's up?" Prim pointed at the group of career tributes they were watching us like a meal. "Don't worry. I'll make sure your safe."

"Gale," Prim looked worried and scarred, but she had sense of "end of disscution" about her. "You know I won't win. I'm too small, I can't fight, And I know I'm their first target you have to save yourself. Not me."

"But-" she cut me off

"No. You have to get back to my sister. If we both die, I don't know how she would handle it." She looked heartbroken. I sighed and knelt down next to her, and looked in her eyes.

"Were both going to get out of this alive. I promise." We both knew it was impossible, but I didn't care. All I knew is I had to keep Katniss's sister safe. I had to.

"Ok," her eyes brightened and she looked at me. "So, where do we start?" We made our way to the javelins, and started throwing. That didn't work out. Prim could hardly lift the javelin, much less throw it. We moved. Archery. Nope. Knife throwing. Not a chance. Weights. When hedgehogs fly. We moved to the knot tying station. Her hands moved quickly, and weaved the rope into perfect knots. Me. My big hands messed up constantly, and I threw the rope down in frustration. Prim looked at me, amused. She held up a noose, and dangled it it front of my face.

"Are you teasing me?" I asked


"Fair enough." We moved to the rope climbing section. Prim was small and agile, so she moved easily from rope to rope. We trained. Went to the apartment. Trained, until before I knew it, it was time to be rated. We went up the elevator, and I kept tapping my foot, and drumming my fingers against my leg, but Prim seemed perfectly calm. Feet still, and hands at her side.

"How are you so calm?" I asked

"I know I'm gonna lose." I opened my mouth to protest, but she stopped me, "and I know exactly what I'm gonna do. Weather the game makers like it or not." I wished I had her courage. We stopped and Prim went first. When she came out, she was smiling. They called my name, and I stepped inside.

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