Bruises and Scars

This story is about Autumn Hale, a simple outcast. That is, until the entire school sees a bruise on her cheek. That's when she meets Reece. She becomes friends with him, but eventually falls for his dark charm. Little did she know her best friend might be hiding his feelings as well.


2. Meet my Dad...

Autumn's P.O.V.

I don't know exactly how long we talked, but when I first started yawning it was pitch black outside. "Want to crash here tonight Autumn?" Reece asked me. His expression told me that no wasn't the right answer. I nodded to tell him yes. My dad was going kill me when I got back. That thought woke me up. He was probably drunk again, that factor added more things that could go wrong to the list. I guess Reece read my face seeing the fear pop into my eyes. "Autumn, you'll be ok. I can take you home tomorrow." he said in a soothing tone.


Swallowing back my fears, I said a quiet agreement. But I was still thinking of all the things that could happen. It could go good for us. If my dad was passed out and didn't remember the night before...I doubt I could have that kind of luck. My mind started going wild with any possible situations that could happen when Reece brought me home tomorrow. He would murder me this time. Reece included. Her dad would flip out on them both. She felt Reece take her hand and then she realized she had been hyperventilating. "Calm down, Love. Lets go to bed now." he said.


I let him take me upstairs. He opened a door, revealing a nice bedroom with a queen sized bed in the center. I looked at him panicked. There was no was in hell I would be able to sleep on my own tonight. My face turned bright red, as did the tips of my ears. "C...Can you, um... sleep in here." I asked, before adding. "With me?" His lips turned up in a smile.


"Of course, need something to sleep in?" Reece asked. I nodded. "Go through that drawer and pick what you want. Ill be right back." He kissed my cheek before walking out. I hesitantly walked up to the dresser and went through the clothes. I pulled on one of his t-shirts and sweatpants. They were so warm and comfortable. They even smelled good.


Reece came back in, and looked her over. He smiled and walked over. He dug around before pulling out a sweatshirt. "Here it gets pretty cold in here." he said. I slid it over my head. He leaned a bit closer to me and whispered. "You can keep it if you'd like." I blushed. I think he had saw me smile at the smell of his clothes. How embarrassing!


"Thank you." I murmured. He nodded, slipping his hand into mine. He dragged me to the bed. I got under the covers, him crawling in as well. By the looks of him, he was pretty tired as well. His head hit the pillow and he was out. Damn, how could someone do that? I want to know his trick. I shook my head and turned on my side. I fell asleep, a real sleep. With no nightmares. For the first time in a year.


(Next morning)


I woke up, sunlight streaming in through the windows and hitting my eyes. Have you ever had that awesome feeling as soon as you woke up, but then the events of the day before come back to you and crush it all...well that's how I felt. I tried to turn over, but something held me in place. I realized I was pressed against something, or someone. I looked down and saw the arms of Reece wrapped tightly around my waist. I tried to wiggle loose, but that just resulted in me getting pulled closer.


"Reece..." I whispered. A sleepy voice answered, and man it was sexy. Deep and husky, with a bit of drowsiness. It was perfect. Snap out of it Autumn! I thought. My thoughts clouded my mind for a second. Stupid hormones.


"Yes, Love?" Reece asked. I pulled at his hands. "Can you let go?" I asked, now trying to hurry. My emotions were taking over and that always ended badly. "Please." I added. He chuckled, also sounding delicious...wait, did I just call...never mind. Then he let me go. I felt a bit cold when his warmth was gone, but it was awkward to just lie there with him. I felt him sit up, and I mirrored his actions. I glanced at him, but quickly turned my eyes away. He was smoking hot!!! His black hair everywhere, but still managing to look good. He yawned. "I'm going to make you breakfast." he said determinedly. He hopped out of bed and practically ran down the stairs.

I ended up eating chocolate chip pancakes. They were so good I had a couple of them, before leaving my plate in the sink. I looked at him and smiled. This morning had been great. Messing around. We even had a little fruit war as he cooked. It was probably the most fun i'd had in awhile. Reece's voice drew me out of my thoughts.


"Autumn, ready to go home?" He asked. Home...Where my dad was. Fear shot through my body instantly. I started mentally freaking out. I couldn't let him see, he would just worry. I nodded.


"What about your shirt and sweatpants?" I asked. He waved me off. "Keep those too." he said. I smiled internally. Now I owned three clothing items that smelled amazing. But that thought was soon taken over by the fears again. I walked over to him and Reece opened the door for me. I walked out, him coming behind. He slipped past me and brought me to his car.

We arrived at my small house ten minutes later, after one backtrack from miscommunication. I gulped. My Dad's car was waiting. "Would you like me to take you in?" Reece asked. I shook my head. I didn't want him to see the wrath and pain my Dad was about to inflict. I waved goodbye and stepped out of the car. Walking up to the house nervously, I entered.

"Autumn?!" His voice greeted as soon as I closed the door, but it didn't sound friendly. My Dad's speech slurred, showing me he was already drunk. His big frame barreled through the hallway. "Where have you been?" he demanded to know. I didn't want to tell him, just in case he went after Reece. It did seem like something he would do. "Answer me!" He roared in my face. I flinched, cringing away from the strong smell coming from his mouth. This is why I never drank. I searched for a fake answer. Apparently I wasn't fast enough.


The hit came down so fast I didn't notice it till I felt a big stinging sensation on my cheek. The same one that had the bruise on it, making it hurt worse. The sound of the contact was loud. Just then, my idiot ran in. Reece. I looked at him, tears in my eyes. He was just going to make this worse. 'Go' I mouthed, but again was too late. "Who is this?" My Dad questioned loudly. Of course. A tear rolled down my cheek. "Is this who you were with last night?" he growled. "Whore." he muttered in my face before throwing me against the wall.

"You cant do that." Reece said, anger in his grey eyes. "Your not supposed to hurt a girl, let alone your daughter." He's such an idiot. He's going to get himself killed. Just then a car pulled up. A police cruiser. A police man, carrying a gun ran out. My father looked confused. He had called them. Reece, you suicidal genius! 


So my dad was handcuffed and stuffed into the back of the police car. Reece and I gave our statements and they left. I was so excited. I limped over to Reece and hugged him tight. "How did you know to call?" I asked, pulling away slightly so I could look into his eyes.


"I saw what happened through the window. It was open too, so I saw him hit you. He got the same cheek again right?" He asked. I nodded and sighed. "Thank you." I said, before a thought penetrated my mind. Where was I going to go. I wasn't allowed to live on my own yet. I looked up at him. He was smirking, obviously knowing what I was thinking. He opened his mouth, and what came out almost made me jump for joy...if I could.


"Your moving in with me."

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