You're My Life Saver

I kept my hands over my face for quite some time. Until I heard some heavy coughing from in front of me. I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that Louis had woken up. He dizzily sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and said... "You're my life saver..."


5. Chapter 4


Louis' P.O.V

Jordyn and Tilly went to the lockers to get some of their stuff. I'm not gonna lie here but I think I'm falling for her already. She's just so pretty and gorgeous and when she's in the room I can't take my eyes of her. I feel guilty having these feelings because if Eleanor knew, she wouldn't like it. I just get this feeling in my stomach when Jordyn's there. I mean, she saved my life for gods sake!

"Louis!" Harry clicked his fingers in front of my face, causing me to snap out of my thoughts.

"Hu?" I said, trying to catch up.

"Your phones ringing," Zayn told me, I looked at the phone


Eleanor <3

God... I nodded and walked over somewhere else to pick up my phone.

Hey love," I said into the phone

"Where are you!?" She questioned me, she sounded stressed

"I told you this morning, I'm at the swimming pool with the boys!" I said back to her

"Just hurry up and get home okay!" She said aggressively then hung up. We've been having a lot of arguments lately. I sighed and sat back over at the table with the boys.

"Everything okay mate?" Liam asked

"I guess..." I trailed off, looking down at my feet. These feelings were too much for me.

"Were ready guys," A familiar voice rang in my head. I looked up to see Jordyn and Tilly standing in front of me with duffel bags. "We leave extra supplies in our lockers so we don't need to call at home," She said, we all nodded and walked over to our car


Jordyn's P.O.V

Louis unlocked the door and let us all inside. As soon as we all got inside, this girl ran down stairs and started kissing Louis...

"Does he have a girlfriend?" I asked Tilly in a quiet whisper. She nodded

"Yeah, thats Eleanor Calder." She told me. I felt this sudden wave of jealously come over me. I don't know why...

"Can we get in the kitchen please?" Harry interrupted them. They quickly pulled apart and walked into the living room, wow it's a big place. Me and Tilly sat on the big couch with Liam  Niall and Zayn, Harry was sitting on the single couch and Louis and Eleanor sat on the love seat.

"Lou, who are they?!" She asked

They're my... cousins," Harry piped in.

"Yeah... I'm Jordyn and this is Tilly," I said trying to give my best smile.

"Hi," Tilly said.

"So, how about we play a game?" Liam suggested to break the awkward silence

"Sure how about Truth or Dare?" Niall said. We all nodded.

I don't know why I feel so jealous, I think I'm starting to grow feelings for him, but I feel so guilty because he was a girlfriend. She doesn't like me, I'm sure of it...

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