You're My Life Saver

I kept my hands over my face for quite some time. Until I heard some heavy coughing from in front of me. I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that Louis had woken up. He dizzily sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and said... "You're my life saver..."


29. Chapter 28

It felt like the journey to the hospital took years. But in reality, it took about 15 minutes. I was sobbing uncontrollably, Tilly and Liam were there to comfort me. The past few days have felt unreal to me. I just feel like this is all a dream, I hoped it was. But I had to face the fact that all this was actually happening. The car finally stopped and we all got out. My legs were shaky and my ribs were hurting, it was painful to walk.

"Are you okay Jordyn?" Liam asked from next to me. I nodded keeping it all in. "I know you're lying," he said. Trust him to be the smart one. "My ribs are hurting and I'm finding it difficult to walk," I told him honestly. We finally got inside. "Maybe you should see a doctor." he suggested. "Doctor who?" I asked which made us both laugh. I grabbed my stomach because it hurt. "Yeah maybe you're right," I agreed.

We all went up to the reception and asked the woman at the desk. Whose name appeared to be Debby looking at her name tag. "Hello, who are you looking for?" She asked politely. "Louis Tomlinson?" I asked her nervously. "Ahh, room 124, and you look terrible dear! I will send a doctor to Mr Tomlinson's room to have you checked out." She informed us. "Thanks," Georgia said, and we headed off to room 124. Which was on the third floor so we had to go up the lift.

"Oh my god get me out of this thing!" Tilly yelled. She hates lifts. "Why didn't I come up the stairs!?" She asked herself. Everyone laughed. I would've laughed but it hurt too much. "It's okay Tills," Niall said to her wrapping a protective arm around her. I wish Louis was here right now. I feel lost without my other half. I just feel broken. The lift dinged signalling that we could get out. Tilly was the first out. "Finally!" She yelled. Falling to the floor dramatically. "I love you floor!" She said. "So you love the floor more than me now?!" Niall said shocked and surprised . "Never!" Tilly said as she pecked him on the lips.

I was already down the hall with everyone trailing behind me. "Room 124," I said to myself looking at the number on the door. I took a deep breath and stepped inside. What I saw only made me more upset. I went to sit on the chair next to the bed. Everyone came in behind. All shocked looks on their faces. He was unconscious, he had a bandage around his bare chest, and around his head. I held his motionless hand. He looked to different, no life in him, no jokes were being spoken and no kissed were being shared.

"We'll give you a minute," Harry said as they stepped out of the door. I turned my attention back to Louis on the hospital bed. "While I was gone, I really started to doubt that you ever loved me. All those things Michael told me, I thought I believed them. But when you came to save me, all that hope came back. All this makes me upset, all of it. Seeing you like this... just makes me want to hold on to you for all eternity. But now, this makes me love you even more." I stopped for a moment to catch my breath. I saw that his hand that I was holding was wet with my tears.

"I remembered when we met. When I saved you. That was probably the scariest yet the best day of my life," I laughed for a bit, wiping my eyes with my one free hand. "Now I've repaid you for saving me," said a soft voice from beside me. I looked round to see Louis looking at me with his crystal blue eyes. "Do you love me Louis?" I asked nervously. "I never stopped," he told me. I smiled and we leaned in for a long passionate kiss. This felt right, I felt like all the sadness in me and been taken away.

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