You're My Life Saver

I kept my hands over my face for quite some time. Until I heard some heavy coughing from in front of me. I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that Louis had woken up. He dizzily sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and said... "You're my life saver..."


22. Chapter 21

*If it doesn't say who's "P.O.V" it's Jordyn's :)*

After my amazing first date with Louis, we drove back home. He is the most perfect boy a girl could ever have. When we got back, Louis helped me out of the car and I thanked him. We got inside. "Yo peasants were back!" Louis yelled to the whole house. "In the living room!" Liam yelled. Me and Louis walked to the living room and sat down. In there, was Tilly, Niall, Liam, Harry and this girl ( I recognise from somewhere. We smiled and said hi to everyone.

"Guys, this is my girlfriend, Ge-" Harry started but I cut him off. "Georgia-Rose Harris is that you?!" I yelled at her, first she gave me a confused look but then widened her eyes. "Oh my god! Jordyn?!" She asked and I nodded. We ran to each other and gave each other a massive hug. "I haven't seen you in ages!" I said as I pulled away from her. "Anyone wanna tell us what's going on here?" Niall asked completely clueless.

"Georgia here, is a childhood friend!" I said sitting with Louis again. "I'm sorry Louis, but me Tilly and Georgia need a girly catch-up!" I whispered to him. He nodded. "C'mon Geo and Tills!" I said as I dragged them upstairs into mine and Louis' room. We all sat on the bed.

"I suppose you've already met Georgia-Rose?" I asked Tilly, she nodded. "Yup, about 10 minutes ago!" She said which made us all laugh. "So, you're going out with Harry?!" I asked towards Georgia. She nodded. "Yep, how about you Jord? Didn't you just come back from your date? Eh? Eh?" She said nudging me. "Still as perverted as always..." I said to Tilly. She nodded. "Yup, no wonder you and Harry are a perfect match," Tilly said.

"Hahaha, very funny..." Georgia said. "Yes, Louis is my boyfriend." I confirmed. "Aww you two are so cute!" She laughed. "So, Tilly.....?" Georgia asked Tilly. She looked up and smiled. Hmm?" She asked. "I think you have an eye for Niall," she said as Tilly's cheeks instantly flared up at the metion of his name. "Ooo! She does!" I said to Tilly. She blushed even more.

"Well, Niall did actually ask me on a date. But we're not together," Tilly explained. "I bet you're excited!" Georgia said as she giggled. Tilly nodded. "Why don't we prank the boys?" I suggested. They both nodded and smirked mischievously. When we decided what to do, we went downstairs and sat down.

"All getting on girls?" Zayn asked. We all nodded and smiled. "Who wants a movie night? Because it's quite late." I suggested, everyone agreed. "I call getting the popcorn!" Niall and Tilly yelled at the same time. They both went to get popcorn. "I'm going to get a film!" I said then went upstairs to get it. The dvd wasn't even upstairs, but I had to go upstairs for our plan!

When I went down the stairs, I deliberately hit my hand really hard on the wall and then went to lie down on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. "Oww!" I yelled so everyone could hear. This was our prank. I heard feet running towards me. I first saw Georgia and Tilly. They knew what was going on. But I winked at them incase. "Oh my gosh Jordyn!" Tilly said really dramatically. Then all the other boys came over.

"Oh my god what happened?" Liam said. I raised an eyebrow at him. "What the hell does it look like what happened? Ouch!" I said. "You... fell down the stairs?" Harry guessed. "Ohh, no sh*t sherlock!" I said to everyone. "Can someone help me out? Please?" I said. Louis came forward and held out a hand I took it but pulled him down so he was also lying on the floor.

"What was that?!" He asked. Me and the girls giggled. "It's called pranking babe!" I said as we both stood up. Everyone went in the other room to start watching Titanic. Which was the film we picked. But me and Louis stayed at the bottom of the stairs. "I think I deserve something after all that!" He said pointing for his lips. "M'kay," I said as I planted a small kiss to his lips.

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