You're My Life Saver

I kept my hands over my face for quite some time. Until I heard some heavy coughing from in front of me. I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that Louis had woken up. He dizzily sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and said... "You're my life saver..."


2. Chapter 1

I woke up at the early time of 6 O'clock, just like I do every morning. I got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror. Ugh I look horrible! I trudged into the kitchen and made my favourite Yorkshire tea and a breakfast muffin. I finished them quickly and went to get ready upstairs. I put on my yellow life guard t-shirt, and my red 3 quarter swimming shorts. I slipped on my flip-flops and put my hair in a messy bun. I put my stuff in my bag and made my way out of the house. It was I nice sunny day so I didn't need a jacket or anything. I made my way inside the hot and stuffy building. I went to where all the staff keeps their stuff and I put my bag in my locker and headed to the pool. I went to sit by the pool, seeing as though it hadn't opened yet. It will be in 5 minutes. There was a really big pain pool, a surf pool and loads of slides. Someone sat beside me' it was my friend that I met here in work; Tilly.

"Hey Jordyn!" She smiled.

"Hiya Till!" I smiled back. We sat quiet for a bit before Tilly started to talk again.

"So, what have you been doing with yourself lately?" She asked curiously.

"Erm, Nothing much really. Just the usual work routine! What about yourself?" I asked back.

"Pretty much the same, nothing exciting," She sighed. "Any new boyfriends or anything?" She carried on.

"Nope, you?" I asked

"Nahh," She said then sighed. "Anyway, I better get over to the surf pool, were opening now. Speak to you later?" She questioned

"Yeah, me too. I will!" I said as she wondered off to the wave pool.


I had to watch over the main pool first. I walked over and sat on the tall seat. Many people started coming in. There was a party of loads of people coming in as well. I was also put in charge of watching and supervising the party of people! I should've get given this much responsibility. I just sat there being bored. Until a group of lads came in and caught my attention. I recognised them from somewhere, but I couldn't put my finger on it... I heard o few squeals and snapped my head around ready to dive in, when I found out that it was a few screaming girls running to them. "No running by the pool!" I shouted. They did as they were told and speed walked to them boys. I wonder why all the girls were drooling over them? It looked like the signed a few things and the girls all walked away squealing with happiness. I wanted to go and find out what was going on, but I wasn't allowed to move from my position. I sighed and slouched back in my seat. My level of curiosity was going through the roof! The boys came over into the main pool. They swam around for a bit and then they started making really big splashes. They were attractive and all, but they were just getting on my nerves!

"Oi! Cut it down on the splashing will ya?" I shouted to them. The one with short hair gave me a thumbs up. God, this was going to be a long day!

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