Elements and Animals

This movella is about a werewolf, vampire, the elements of electricity, fire , and water. Please tell me if you are likening or hateing it. Enjoy


3. Chapter 2 Park day

Sky's P.O.V

I walked down the stairs to go answer my door. I opened it and saw Louis and Niall standing there "Hey Sky can we come in?" Niall said" When can't you?" I said putting a confused look on my face. They walked in and sat on my couch and I started hearin the noises of electricity "Niall did you spray water on Lou-" "He tripped into a puddle." Niall interrupted then gave a quick glance at Louis who looked madder. "Are you ok?" I asked Louis "I'm perfectly fine!" He said back rudely. "Want some water?" Niall asked me "yea." He picked up an empty glass that was sitting on the coffee table and poured it through his finger. "Your getting good at this." "Yea I've been practicing." "I remember last time you spilled it all over the place!!" I said laughing along with Niall. I glanced at Louis "Soccer time!" He actually looked a bit cheerier.

When we arrived at the park the others were already there playing(Zayn Harry Liam). I whisled at them to get their attention" What the- oh hey guys!" Liam replied walking over to us the others trailed behind. "Ready to play some Football?" Yea" Niall and Louis replied.

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