Angel Run

In a classic story of good vs evil we are immersed in a world where angels fight demons up in heaven and humans fight imps down on earth. Once in a while an angel falls from heaven and needs rescuing. When this happens, a small group of elite soldiers are sent on an Angel Run.


1. Prelogue

“Children we have lied to you. Know it was for your own good. Know that we wanted to protect you from the evil of the world. You now are not yet old enough to know of the terrors of the world in which we live in, but then again none of us ever were when the bubble of blissful ignorance burst and was lost for all time. Today will start a change in your lives. Instead of living your peaceful lives, free of worry and care, your lives will be full of fret and fear. The government has decided that you have now outgrown the shield of ignorance that has kept you happy and your dreams alive. This is hard for me to tell you this, but I cannot keep the lie from you forever and it is better that you hear it from me than from others who do not understand the frailty and happy state of what your lives have been up to this point. Well here I go to smash the pure and fake reality that we have created for you.

I must tell you that and I cannot stall any longer. Your fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters that were so dear to you were not selected to visit heaven as we have lied to you. They are dead. You will never, never see them again. Understand this, they are gone. You will not ever be united again. Not here on the here earth below nor in the celestial heaven above. There is in fact a heaven, we did not lie to you about that but it is not as we have told you. It is not a place of peace, rest, tranquility and beauty. It is not a place for loved ones to meet after this life to spend eternity in joyful bliss. That is what it was made for and maybe one day it can be that way again, maybe. Not today, however, because you see children, heaven is under attack!”

“Roderick, there you are. You saw the light in the sky, why weren’t you at the meeting?” came an irritated voice.

“Doc Hemsing, I’m busy!” said Rodrick, gesturing at the classroom of eight year olds. “I am giving them ‘The Speech’. When they leave they will no longer be clothed in the white sash of innocence, but will have donned the black cloak of misery and mourning.”

“Someone else will have to finish it, you were selected, let’s go” said Hemsing without even taking a glance at the room full of shocked children.

Roderick held his ground and said, “This is a sensitive issue, it has to be handled with care and it needs to come from someone they trust. I know these kids, I have taught them for most of their lives. I am the only one, besides maybe their parents, who these children can truly, full heartedly trust. They need to hear the truth from me.”

“Well that’s ironic, isn’t it? Have you gotten to the part where everyone they have ever known has lied to them for their entire lives, including you?” asked Hemsing as his eyes wandered anywhere and everywhere except at the faces of the children that he know were sitting right in front of him.

“Yes, yes I just was explain that we did it to protect them from all the hurt and pain that comes with knowing the truth.” responded Roderick.

“Good, skip to the end and explain that you now need to leave and will probably never see them again. We have to go” said Hemsing as he turned away from the children and prepared to walk out of the little school house.

Roderick asked a question that froze Hemsing before he made it to the door, “Angel or demon?”

In response Hemsing fumbled, “I, I don’t know.”

One of the children, with tears in her eyes looked at their long beloved teacher and asked, “What is the doc saying, why do you have to go?”

Whether it was from the tears forming storm clouds in his eyes or that he had turned too quickly away from Doc Hemsing back to the class, Roderick missed seeing a man walk into his sanctuary. He looked at the faces of the children that he had grown to know and love and it hit him full in the face that this could be the last time that he would ever see them. This last time that they would see their beloved teacher, he would not give them words of comfort and hope, but of death and despair. Nevertheless he continued trying to hold back the storm clouds in his eyes, “Now children remember I told you that heaven was under attack. It is, but don’t worry it is not defenseless. The angels are defending it, fighting against the invading demon army.”

“Roderick …”

“Now what?” yelled Rodrick as he turned around, frustrated that he was again interrupted while trying to explain the hardest and saddest thing to those that he had watched over. Only when he had fully turned around did he realized who had addressed him. He blushed in embarrassment and apologetically said, “I am sorry Peace Keeper Drave, I, I, I didn’t know that it was you.”

“Roderick, its fine, we have more pressing matters. Finish your speech, but make it short. I sent Bogwick to gather supplies, we have to leave the moment he arrives. You understand why we must hurry don’t you?” replied Drave.

“Angel or demon?” asked Roderick a second time.

“Finish your speech, the children need to know. We will have plenty of time to discuss the details of the mission on the way to the wall” said Drave.

“Oh, yes, yes” said Rodrick as once again he turned to face the children, now a complete wreck. “Yes, children, heaven is fighting back and has been since the beginning. This is not a new war. It has been going on since a short time after this world was created. The demons and the angels create the world and populated it with humans and imps. The demons ambition and greed drove them to leave their home and invade heaven. The imps, likewise grew in ambition and greed and decided to take the world all for themselves. As the demons broke down the gates of heaven, the imps swarmed the homes of men. Ever since that time heaven and earth have been at war. We know very little of how the war is going on in heaven, the few angels men have talked too, have been quiet on the subject. We do, however, know quite a bit on how the war is going here on earth verse the imps. Men have done well. We have built a giant wall that splits the land in half. It has held off the imp invaders for many years and will hold them for many more years, so you can sleep sound at night knowing that you are safe behind the wall.”

The little girl who spoke before asked, “If we are safe, then why do you have to leave us?”

“Angels are majestic beings, full of power and light. They always do the right thing and can never lie. Imagine the kindest, most loving person that you know and an angel is even kinder and more loving than that person. Now sometimes an angel will fall from heaven and when they see all of the cruelty and meanness hear on earth, they get confused and can’t find their way back up to heaven. Or sometimes a demon falls to earth and starts destroying everything. That is why I have to go. You remember the bright light in the sky that we saw during break? That was something falling from heaven. Doctor Hemsing, Peace Keeper Drave and I have been selected to go outside the wall and deal with what fell from heaven. If it is a demon, we are to stop it from destroying everything and if it is an angel, we are to help it get back to heaven” said Roderick.

Drave looked out the door and saw Bogwick coming up to the school house with the supplies that they would need. “Ok, Rodrick, it is time to go. No times for goodbyes, sorry” he said in an apologetic, but firm voice.

So with that Hemsing, Drave and Rodrick left the young children alone in the school house with the knowledge that almost everyone that they have ever loved is dead. The castle wall that held peace and love in their little hearts had been shattered by the trebuchet of harsh truth and without someone to catch them and soften the blow as they fell into the pit of reality.

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