After Dark Hours

After Dark Hours the unexplainable come out to play. Anyone who comes across Lisa won't be a happy camper. When she's threw with them, they won't be able to wake up from a horrible nightmare that is set for them ahead.


1. Introduction

Do you believe in the devil? Evil has many names. After Dark Hours you'll be meeting the devil face to face. With his red beating eyes, pointy ears, and powers to make you fall on your knees and plead for your life. But in this story, it's a little different. The devil is in a disguise. As a woman, who loves to take charge and make u drop dead. Her looks were amazing. Anywhere she went, she was the center of attention.

She had pearly white teeth, chestnut brown hair that flowed just right, big bright green eyes and a perfect body that was unique. Her name was ..... Lisa. She seemed normal, but people thought it was something odd about her. And, they were right.

Lisa hasn't been normal since she was a little girl. The other kids at school always would pick with her. They said things like you stink, why do you wear the same clothing everyday and your poor. Her mother was a drug addict and her father would rape her everyday after school. Lisa childhood was a bad experience. She would cry in her room for hours. Sometimes she would cry her self to sleep.

By the time Lisa was 13, she's was doing Meth, Lethal injection, and Crack. She got into a lot of trouble with the law. She was dating a man 2x her age. Lisa loved the passionate sex. She loved that she was getting a kick out of the dangerous side, but little did she know it would lead to great danger many years later.

Lisa started to grow into her looks. Her boyfriend, John praised the ground Lisa walked on. She could get him to do anything she wanted. Lisa always had a devious thought of the feeling to kill.

John wanted to keep her, so he did whatever he had to. That night Lisa and John broke into a house and was ready to put Lisa twisted thought into action. Lisa went up stairs in the house to murder her first victim. She turned to the first room on the left and opened the door slowly. Lisa walked to the bed cautionly on a steady pace. After she reached the bed it was go time. Lisa striked the boy in the bed with the knife 28 times in the head.

She then cut the boys eye balls out with blood squinting everywhere out of controllable. "Take it you son of a bitch!", Lisa yelled in anger. "Yeh, Yeh, Yeh"!. She laughed after the job was done. Luckily there was no one else in the house.

Lisa then walked around the whole house pouring gasoline everywhere. She set a match and threw it inside the house. She walked away slowly and sexy like a bad ass bitch.

"So how it go in the house", John said.

"It was awesome, I've never felt so much power in my life", Lisa replied.

"You know John, I think it's time for us to go our separate ways". "I've think you been holding me back from finding me".

"I gave you everything and now your just gonna walk away from this all".

"YES!, I'm done with you and if you even think about telling anyone about what happened tonight". "I'm gonna..... I'm gonna..... I'm gonna have to kill you dead, stone dead", Lisa said in a cold-hearted voice.

"Whatever, just get the hell out my car and walk your thot ass home", John said in a angrily way.

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