Behind His Smile

You may think he's your average normal guy. But there's more to that. You just need to look behind his smile.


2. two

Alex's pov I sat on my bed thinking wheither i should go with Louis or not. I mean, he seems like a nice guy and all. Maybe i could give him a chance. And im not gonna lie he's hot, but like Macy said hes a bad boy. Who knows what he'll do to me. "Alex!" Trevor yelled from downstairs. I sighed, getting up. When i got downtairs, i was in for a big surprise. There stood Trevor, holding the front door open for me to see, a Louis Tomlinson. He was wearing dark blue jeans wiith a black sweater and black vans. "What is he doing here?" Trevor asked. The date. Hes here for the date. "Um... hes... u i friend of mine.. who i guess just wanted to stop by" i managed to say. "Actually, im here to pick up Alex. We have a date at seven, remember?" Louis said, looking stair at me. Trevor didnt look very pleased at all. Louis came inside, pushing my brother aside. He came up to me. I backed away. "And i believe you should be getting ready?" He said. "But its only 6:30". "I know. But i like to ge there early" I rolled by eyes. I turned towards the stairs. Louis followed me to by bedroom. I stopped right in front of my bedroom door. I turned only to find Louis face only inches from mine. "Can i help you?" I asked. "Not at all" he said. I rolled my eyes and walked into the room . I shut the door before he could come in. "Be sure to wear something sexy!' He yelled through the door. I didnt want to listen to him, but for some reason i did anyway. I put on a tight, mid-thigh, strapless, black dress. I added some black heels and hoop earings. I lightly did my make-up and curled my hair. The last thing i did was put on the heart necklace my mom had given me when i was little. I grabbed my phone and walked out the room. Louis wa standing in the hall leaning against the wall. As i started to walk downstairs, he said,"maybe you should close the door all the way next time. Just in case som curious people dont tend to look" my face was getting hot. i continued to walked downstairs having Louis follow me agian. Trevor was sitting on the couch. when he saw me he was shocked. "And where do you think your going?" he said. "Louis was just taking me out." he shook his head. "just  be home before nine, ok?" "Ok." Louis  led me outside to a black lamborgini. He opened my door and hepled me in. He shut my door and ran over to his side of the car.

   The car ride was silent. Until Louis decided to talk. "That guy who was at your house, i he like your boyfriend or something" he asked. "No. He's my brother". "I can tell he doesnt't like me" i nodded. My pphone vibrated. i got a text from Trevor.

 T- im going out for band practice. wont be home till about ten or eleven. Be  sure to get home safely and on time. love you.

  i was about to reply when Louis took my phone out of my hands. "No phones tonight, love.' he said. i smiled. We got to the resteraunt. It was a five star italian resteraunt! I didnt think we'd come here! Louis got out of the car and came to my side opening my door. He helped me out. He grabbed my handand we went inside. This place was beautiful! with the scenery and the decor, i could never imagine how Louis managed to pay here! i looked at some couples sitting at their tables. Some of the girls looked at Louis in amazment, then at me in disgust. i moved closer to Louis. "Dont worry. They're always like this." he said. We finally got to the front of the line. "Reservations for Tomlinson" Louis said to the waitress. She smiled at Louis. "right this way" she said. She led us to a booth a the far end of the resterant. i sat down and Louis sat next to me. We orderd our drinks. Louis put his hand on my thigh. I was starting to get uncomfterble. "Um... can I be ecused for a sec?" I asked him. He nodded and moved so I could get out. I wlaked towards the bathroom. When Louis wasnt looking, I ran for the door. I ran outside and started walking towards home. I was going to text Trevor and tell him I was going home early,  but I didn't  have my phone. It was still with Louis.  I turned around and headed back towards the resteraunt. When I got there, Louis was standing outside waiting for me.  "And where do you think your going love?" He asked. "Home" I got into the car.  Louis got in too. We we halfway to my house before I noticed Louis getting mad. His nuckles starting turning white. "Don't grab on to tightly.  You'll hurt yourself. " I said.  "Since when do you care? You tried to leave me" he said. "Im sorry. I was just getting uncomfterble". "So you just leave?" I stayed silent. "Well answer me?" "What is there to say? Im just saying to calm down before someone gets hurt." We arrived at my house. Louis came and opened my door. He grabbed my hand and walked me to the door. He stopped in front of the door.  He grabbed my other hand and turned to face me. "Listen, love. Im sorry about tonight. I just want you to like me. I hope you can forgive me". He hugged me tight. I hugged him back."apoligy accepted."I said, smiling. He kissed my cheek. "Goodnight love." He said. He let go of my hands, and walked towards his car. I watched him leave. I felt so empty when he let go of my hands. I think I was falling for him.

  I walked inside the dark house. I walked strait to my room and just layed down. My phone vibrated. I looked at it.

Had a nice time love. Hope to hang out with you soon. -Louis

 I smiled and fell asleep. 

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