Behind His Smile

You may think he's your average normal guy. But there's more to that. You just need to look behind his smile.


3. three

Alex's POV

  I came near the café. Louis texted me this morning asking if I would join him for coffee. He said he might be late though. he had some business to do, whatever that means. I started to hear voices a few feet away from the café door. they were yelling. Fear crept up my shoulders. I thought of backing out, then I heard a gun shot. A guy fell from the alley. But it wasn't just a guy. It was Louis. I put my hand over my mouth to hold back my screams. blood was gushing from his side, which he was gripping. I wanted to run. But I can't just leave him there, can I? No, I cant. I ran to Louis side, dropping to the floor next to him. "Its ok Louis. I'm here. there nothing to worry about." "Alex? Get away! go before you get yourself killed!" I heard a click, and looked up. Sure enough, there was a gun pointing at me. "Hold the gun." Said a voice. "So. This is surprisingly new." A man came out of the shadows. He was a tall man with grey hair. He gave me a toothy grin, showing all his crooked yellow teeth. I noticed he had a gold tooth. "Well Louis. You never told me you had a girlfriend. I'm surprised you even got one!" The man said. "Back off Lenny. She's just a friend. Don't do anything stupid." Louis said, his voice full of pain. "Since when do I do anything stupid?" "Considering you had your little friend shoot me." Louis said. "that wasn't my fault. I'm not the one who owes money and then tried to stab me." Louis looked down. "Louis? What's he talking about?" I was confused and wanted to know. "She doesn't know?" Lenny said. Louis shook his head. "Well I think she deserves to know. I think every witness needs to know what's going on." "Witness?" I asked. "Yes mam'. A witness. I know if we let you go, you'll tell the police. And we wouldn't want that now, would we?" I shook my head. "Since I'm pretty sure Louis can look after a girl, I'll let you stay with him." He looked at Louis. "And you will never let her out of your sight. Am I clear?" "or else what?" Please don't start Louis. your gonna get yourself killed! Lenny took the gun out of the guys hand and pointed it at Louis. "Or else I'm going to kill you. Right in front of this pretty little girl." Louis sighed. "okay fine. But no more fights." "Deal" Lenny said with glee.

 I dragged Louis towards his car. appearently, he is ok to drive. Lenny and his gang left. Louis Drove me to his house, where I'll be staying for a while.

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