Behind His Smile

You may think he's your average normal guy. But there's more to that. You just need to look behind his smile.


1. one

Alex's pov

 I wrapped my jacket tighter around me. It's freezing out here! I thought. Stood in front of the small cafe. I walked in, looking for my friend Macy. She told me to meet her here. I found her sitting in the corner. Smiling, I walked over to her. I sat in front of her. "Hey" "hey! I'm surprised you came" she said. "Yeah, me too. So what did you want." "Nothing. I just thought you need to get out of that house. I mean how long has it been since you came out?" I thought about it. "About three months. I try to leave but Trevor just won't let me leave the house." Trevor is my big brother. He can be over protective sometimes. But that's only because he promised my parents to protect me before they died. "I know has you tried sneaking out?" She suggested. "Yes actually, I have. But Trevor put locks on my window and door. He locks them every night." "How'd you get out this time?" "I told him I was going with you and for once he trusted me." Macy started talking. I looked over to my right. There was this guy looking at me. He had beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair. He was talking to some girl. He smiled. It was seconds before knew I was starring. I quickly looked away. I looked back. He nodded his head at the girl and turned in my direction. "Are you even listening to me?!" Macy yelled. I forgot she was talking! "Oh um... Sorry" she looked behind me. "Uh oh." She started to panic. "What?!" "It's Louis  Tomlinson. He's the baddest boy in town. Listen, I gotta go. But just promise me you'll stay away from him, ok?" I nodded and she left. I put my head down. "Why hello there little angel" I looked up. The blue eyes were starring back at me. "Um... Hi" I said. He sat down in front of me. "I happened to see you starring at me" my face turn red. "And I couldn't help but notice a beautiful you are." I smiled. "What's your name love?" He asked. "Alex. Alex Rose.

"What lovely name."he said. "And you are?" I asked. "Louis. Louis Tomlinson." Macys warning kept repeating in my head. I got a text. I held up my phone to see who it's from. Trevor. Great. I unlocked my phone to answer when Louis took my phone from my hands. "Hey! Give it back! He just smiled. He started to type something. A few minutes late he gave me my phone back. "Tell you what. You. Me. Dinner. Tonight at 7.I'll pick you up later angel." My smile faded. I just met the guy and he already wants to take me on a date?! He kissed my cheek and walked out of the cafe. This is all so weird.  

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