Notorious Styles

He's known around for his smarts and good grades .She is known for her badass boyfriend ,popularity ,and rich step-father . He went to college early . She's stuck in high school for her senior year . London Rose is failing all her classes . Her step-father got tired of pushing her to do better and hired one of the best tutors at Cheshire University also known as Harry Styles . Being the spoiled brat she is made Harry give up . She really needed his help he couldnt give up now . So Harry gives her another chance but it had to cost her .. if you know what I mean . Will she accept ?


4. Chapt•4

 Its been 5 hours on this stupid question and I'm starting to get really pissed . I shook my leg to calm myself . I had my head in my hands not really wanting to hear Harry talk anymore and since my Daddy Duncan had left and dropped Harry off today him and I were stuck here . 

"Now your question is . What on Mars can kill a human that is unsupported and unassisted by life support ? " He asked tapping his ruler on the white board waiting for me to answer . 

"London ? .. I need an answer" He said getting closer to me . "How am I gonna answer if I dont know " I turned to him an annoyed look on my face . He sighed "You gotta pay attention " He said almost yelling . 

"I'm paying attention , I'm doing the techniques , I'm thinking over the question I can't do this shit!! Its too fucking difficult and .. if I don't graduate so fucking be it I quit" I slammed my pencil down wyoming out the room and down the stairs . I knew he was following me 

"London I know you don't mean that " He called to me I went into a different part of the house and he was haft down the stairs . "I mean it " I yelled back going into the kitchen . I opened the fridge getting out a can of pepsi . I turned back around to Harry who took one hand and slammed the fridge door closed with his other hand in his pocket .

"You don't mean that .. I know you wanna graduate ." I looked into my eyes . "I mean it .. I also mean it when I say you're an annoying cunt " I shot a fake smile at him pushing him out the way and walking to the pantry .

"You know what ? .. You're such a bratty bitch you know that ?! " He yelled . I stopped what I was doing and turned over to him . "Excuse me ?" I crossed my arms .

"You heard what I said . I was willing to help you through all your shit these past few days and now I'm over it . Don't get my help I don't care I was hired by your father . Not . You " With at he walked out the kitchen as I watched the door swing shut it made me think . I really needed this I don't know what I am thinking . I won't tell Carter that I'm flunking senior year because my tutor was really working my nerves . 

I ran out the kitchen and back up the stairs to my room seeing Harry packing up all the books and stuff . 

"Wait Harry no don't go " I whined . " I have nothing to stay for " He continued to pack . "No please I need this . I wanna impress my dad . I wanna graduate with my friends and my boyfriend " I pleaded holding onto his arm .  He turned back to me "You really want this ?" He asked and I nodded . 

I leaned against the wall with a smirk plastered on his face . "Okay .. but on one condition " He held up one finger . "Alright " I sighed . He began to walk closer and I stepped back as he walked closer and closer . I kept going until the back of my legs hit the bed and I fell over . I yelped as I fell onto the soft matress and he put both of his legs on each side of me leaned down kissed me ever so passionately . He released and my body rose up . 

" Um . I have a boyfriend" I said completely caught by surprise . "I know " He responded . " But if you help me out .. I'll help you graduate " He pulled my belt loops making me get closer to him . 

" If I'm saying yes to be your little sex fantasy or whatever .. You have to promise me you keep this between us . If my boyfriend finds out I'm killing you " I warned him "Hmm sounds fair .. we are going no where beyond sex anyway " he bit his bottom lip . He started to kiss me once again I let go 

"I didn't say yes yet " I said trying to rebel against this . He shook his head "Just kiss me " He put his lips on mine once more but I let them stay there .  Harry's tongue made its way in my mouth as his hands stayed on my lower back . 

He moved my hands to his neck before moving the back to my lower back as he started to kiss my neck . I seriously feel disgusting . Does this count as cheating ? Kissing counts as cheating ? I don't wanna cheat Carter is my everything I can't cheat on him . I need to to stop  it right now . 

He took one of my hands off his neck and took it down his body . I felt on his chest to where his vline started . He started to go further down til my hand reached for the bump in his trousers . He bit his lip telling me how horny he was . He then started to smirk.

"Its all for you babe ... you just gotta say the word " He whispered in my heard making he get goosebumps . 

His hand moved slowly between my legs . I shook at his touch and he started to kiss me .  "London!! Are you ready to go to Carters game ?!" I head Daddy Duncan yell . 

"Um yeah hold on!! .." I yelled back . "I thought his game was last week " Harry whined . "That's how sports work " I smiled and walked into my closet room .I took out Carter's jersey from last year and some denium bleached coochie cutter shorts . I put on some long black socks and platform Converse sticking a black beanie on head . 

I walked out of the closet turning off the light seeing Harry with his jacket on and his bag on his shoulder . I slipped on my north face jacket looking at him . 

" Tomorrow for tutoring . Um .. how about you come to my dorm  .. we can work better in there " He smirked I rolled my eyes "Okay I guess " 

"London!! Harry !!" Daddy Duncan yelled once more . "Just text me " He said . I nodded before turning away to walk out the door . I felt to hands sqeeze my bum and I quickly covered it . Harry just chuckled . 

"You ready darling ?" Daddy Duncan kissed my head . "Yeah " I sighed . He looked confusely at Harry who was just starrring into space . "Harry .. you alright ?" He snapped his fingers in harrys face . He looked up "Oh . Yes sir sorry i was just thinking " He smiled . He just shrugged and walked out the door followed by me and harry . 




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