Notorious Styles

He's known around for his smarts and good grades .She is known for her badass boyfriend ,popularity ,and rich step-father . He went to college early . She's stuck in high school for her senior year . London Rose is failing all her classes . Her step-father got tired of pushing her to do better and hired one of the best tutors at Cheshire University also known as Harry Styles . Being the spoiled brat she is made Harry give up . She really needed his help he couldnt give up now . So Harry gives her another chance but it had to cost her .. if you know what I mean . Will she accept ?


3. Chapt•3

* Warning !! : The following chapter contains the use of drugs and graphic sex scene . If you are under age skip to the next chapter ... but of course I can't stop you sickos so do whatever . C:


I sat between Caters legs as we listened to music . He sang softly in my ear making shivers go down my spine. He would take a break between songs and I know he was smoking weed . He's never done it around me before and he looked so sexy parting his lips letting out the smoke . He made different shapes with the smoke and I just sat there and admired him . 

"What baby ?" He chuckled letting me climb onto him sitting on his torso . "How do you do that ?" I asked . He blew smoke toward the ceiling 

"It took a lot of practice " He takes another puff . I looked down and played with my nails . "What cha thinkin about ?" He took my hand . "Can I try ?" I asked . "Noooo definately no" He shook his head quickly . I tilt my head "Why not ?" I whined 

"I'm not getting you high so your dad will be on my ass .. I would let you if I didn't care about losing you .. I care about you too much " He took my other hand and leaned in planting a kiss on my lips . 

I sighed and looked back down . He groaned "Okay .. I'm gonna shotgun you " He took the blunt from behind his ear " How are you gonna do that ?" I asked curiously . 

"Okay I'm gonna suck in the smoke first and when my lips open against yours open and  suck in the smoke okay ?" He sat up "Alright " I said a little scared . He sucked in and held in the smoke as his lips touched mine . He opened his mouth letting the smoke go and I sucked it up immediately coughing . I gripped onto his football shorts . He patted my back . 

"You okay ?" He said still patting my back . I looked up smoke blurring my vision . I nodded and he sighed in relif . 

"Don't ever make me do that to you again okay ? " He warned me . "Okay " I said a little above a whisper . He put out the blunt throwing it out the opened window . 

He looked back to me . The grey colour of his iris shined in the light . I don't know how I got so lucky . 

"I love you " I smiled "I love you too " I responded with a smile back . He kissed on my lips slowly and lightly going from my jaw line to my necks . He undid my top sliding it off my shoulders . I put my hand on his neck and he kissed my lips again and his hat fell to the floor . He took off his shirt and took off his vans throwing them both to the floor.  

He pushed me back and climbed on top of me . He positioned himself between my legs after he took off his shorts and his boxers . He lifted up my tight skirt pulling down my panties . 

He pulled out his wallet taking out a gold aluminum square . "I kinda figured this was coming " he let out a small chuckle . I smiled 

After he put on the condom he kissed me one more time then he stuck his long penis in me . I moaned in pain gripping onto his back . He pulled out and kissed me . 

"I'm sorry .. I'm so sorry I'll try and be gentle " He paniced . I nodded as he slowly stuck it in me once again thrusting slow . Pain soon turned into pleasure .

"Carter!! " I moaned . I dug my nails into his back . "Mmm fuck London you're so tight " He moaned with a smirk after . He started to go faster and I moaned louder and he moaned with me as I started to cum out . He kissed me some more then I heard Daddy Duncan 

"London!! Are you awake?" He called . He pulled out and threw away the condom quickly putting back on his boxers and his shorts . I ran to my closet and began to change into something different taking my other clothes with me . 

I heard the Telly turn on and my bedroom door open . "Oh Carter where's London is everything okay ?" Daddy Duncan asked . "Yes sir I'm just waiting for London to finish changing sir " Carter said politely .

"Oh .. alright . I'm ordering pizza so there will be plenty if you're staying " I heard footsteps . "Thank you sir" Carter thanked him . I heard more footsteps then the door closed . 

I slipped on a t-shirt and some boyshorts underwear with some shorts fixing my hair at my vanity pulling my hair into a ponytail . I came out blushing at the fact we almost got caught having sex . It was funny but bad because if we got caught I wouldn't see him again .  He smiled at me 

"So you're staying over night ?" I asked him "Only if you want me to babe " he smiled then looking back to the film Greese on the Telly .I turned off the lights just leaving my lights streaming over my bed on and I got in the bed under the covers with him between his spread legs . I laid against his chest as he rubbed his fingers on my stomach massaging it . It was weird but weirdly relaxing . 

He kissed my temple "I love you " I mumbled . "To the moon and back" He responded which made me smile . 


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