Notorious Styles

He's known around for his smarts and good grades .She is known for her badass boyfriend ,popularity ,and rich step-father . He went to college early . She's stuck in high school for her senior year . London Rose is failing all her classes . Her step-father got tired of pushing her to do better and hired one of the best tutors at Cheshire University also known as Harry Styles . Being the spoiled brat she is made Harry give up . She really needed his help he couldnt give up now . So Harry gives her another chance but it had to cost her .. if you know what I mean . Will she accept ?


2. Chapt•2

Daddy Duncan  picked me up from school so I could get ready for this tutor . I really don't want a tutor especially not a smart ass . He's in college so he has to be older than me by at least 4 years . That means he's a fucking pervert . What I can't believe the most is that I'm actually failing my classes . I had A's I don't know what happened .. oh yeah my mum died and caused me a total mind restart . I didn't know what else to do she brought me and Duncan happiness .. I miss her . 

When we got home I ran upstairs and changed into black shorts  and Carters 'Fuck You' T Shirt . He left it over here the day we took a shower together which he said he wanted to do again . He Might Come after I'm done with his Harry guy . I put my hair in a bun   I put on my socks and my Buzz Light year slippers Liam bought me for my birthday . 

I heard the door bell ring and looked out the window seeing a red range rover in the front . Hm hot ride . I put on my glasses and made my way downstairs  . I heard slight talking from up the stairs I looked over the wall blocking the long fall from the stairs watching my dad talk to someone I couldn't see because of the door . 

"London baby girl Harry's here !!" Daddy Duncan yelled . I walked down the stairs moving the door out of my way revealing the hottest man I've ever seen . His curls flowed and he stood a tall 5'11 . He shot me a smile his dimple popping out his smooth tan skin . Damn it got hot quick... I mean .. I got a boyfriend what the hell am I doing ?!

"Hello London its very nice to meet you " His dark sexy voice greeted me . I smiled "Charmed " I politely stated . "Well I'm gonna leave you to your magic but I have to warn you .. she's a bit of a drama queen but don't mind it " my dad covered his lips with his mouth thinking I could hear 

"Daddy Duncan I think its time for you to go !" I said annoyed . I shot a fake smile as he walked away slowly . I turned back to Harry who turned back to me " Nice shirt " he smiled . " T-thanks .. let's go to my room " I stuttered . He chuckled "alright " he said as he followed me up the stair . 

I opened my bed room door revealing my space to him . He raised his eyebrows "Wow its so ... pink " he states .  

"Wow thanks " I rolled my eyes . I sat down at my computer desk . And watched as he sat up the board and opened text books . 

"So you went to Cheshire High school ?" I looked at the math text book that read property of Cheshire High school . "Oh yeah I just left a bit early I skipped my senior year " he explained . "Skipped senior year ... so that makes you -" he cuts me off " 19 years young" he finished my sentence . 

"Yeahhh 19 " I mumbled . 

As we got into these complicated lessons about algebra for almost 4 hours  I got more and more confused . These were math problems I didn't even know . I was tapping my pencil against the book as he read from his . 

"Do you understand it ?" He asked . "Oh sure " I said sarcastically . He sighed and sat on my swing bed and turned my chair his way . I looked in the most georgous green eyes of his as he held my shoulders in his arms . 

"Its not gonna be easy at first . The key to getting something is to clear your mind . Keep focused on the problem ... okay ?" He asked . I sighed as my frustration died down "Okay " I said . "Alright well we are gonna work on English tomorrow .. if that's alright ?" He smiled . 

"Oh yeah sure .." I got up ."Well nice meeting you .. I guess " I smiled . "Lovely meeting you " he smiled back . He walked out the room down the steps and my dad met him at the door . 

I shut the door and flopped down on my bed and sighed really loud but I soon got a text . I picked up my phone from the bedside table and opened the text from Carter 

Im Coming Over ;) - Babe <3

Okay See You When You Get Here <3 - Me 

I got up off the bed running to my closet or my little room . I might as well look nice for this . 


I Hope You Guys Like It . It Took A lot Of Thinking . Make Sure You Like It And Favourite It Also Comment For The Next Chapter . 


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