Notorious Styles

He's known around for his smarts and good grades .She is known for her badass boyfriend ,popularity ,and rich step-father . He went to college early . She's stuck in high school for her senior year . London Rose is failing all her classes . Her step-father got tired of pushing her to do better and hired one of the best tutors at Cheshire University also known as Harry Styles . Being the spoiled brat she is made Harry give up . She really needed his help he couldnt give up now . So Harry gives her another chance but it had to cost her .. if you know what I mean . Will she accept ?


1. Chapt•1

"You're gonna be late London !!" Daddy Duncan yells . "Here I come !!" I screamed back sticking my beanie on my head. I slipped my Vanz on and grabbed my phone and my bag and rushed downstairs . Daddy Duncan is my Step Dad the one and only Duncan Rose . He became my legal gaurdian after my mum passed away . I'm not complaining though I love him he's a great Step Dad .

Down the 3 flights of steps he stood probably waitng for me . " Hey 10 seconds faster today baby girl " he clapped . I rolled my eyes and smiled "Yay for me " he kissed my forehead "Let's go before you're late " he takes the keys out his back pocket and we both walk out the house .


I walked in the school building greeted by many individuals . I walked swiftly to my locker putting stuff in and taking stuff out when I heard someone call my name . "London !" I turned my head to the voices of my bestfriends Brianna and her twin brother Brandon . 

"Hey London." Brandon smiled . "Hey guys did you guys make it to that party ?" I asked they shook their heads . "Mummy wouldn't let us out " Brianna rolled her eyes 

"Oh its cool I didn't go either I forgot to ask " I hummed putting my bookbag in my locker and grabbing my crossbody purse thingy .

"But if you asked your dad he would have probably said yes ... you're lucky !" Brandon explained . I just shrugged "I don't know I guess so " 

We went to the cafeteria to hangout with classmates and people from the Volleyball team like we do every morning then son greeted by the football team . 

"Hey babe " Brianna's boyfriend Louis Tomlinson aka captain . He kisses her cheek and she blushes "Hey sweets " she greeted back . 

"Brannnndoooonn " Drama club leader Amber calls . " Oh hey amber " he smiles and she starts roughly kissing him . Amber is a whore but if that's who my best friend loves I'm gonna accept it . 

" Lou where's Carter ?" I asked he shrugged "We saw him I the hallway" he added. Just then my eyes went black and I smelled Axe colone . "Guess who ?" I heard Carter's voice . I giggled "I don't know "  I joked "hmm " he hums then putt in his lips on mine I licked my lips  "Hi Cater-Bear " I turned around and hugged him . I kissed my lips over and over 

" My Cutie pie " When sqeezed me I laughed . Me and Carter have been dating for 3 years now . We have never argued or anything like that . The most we did was shower together but even then I was too shy for him to see me .

"I missed you last night at the party where were you ?" He asked kissing my neck gently "Sorry I forgot to ask " I said putting my hands over his . 

"Oh come on London your father would have said yes " Louis scoffed . "Shut up Tommo you weren't even there " Carter voiced with a chuckle after . Everyone at the table let out a laugh 

"Its Alright Baby ... You can make it up by coming to my game tomorrow " he smiled . "Of course I'm gonna come to your game my dad was just taking about it " I mentioned . He kissed my hand . Just them the school bell rung 

"Let go Cater we don't wanna be late to coaches class " Louis called . I pouted feeling his arms leave my body "Aww you know I'll see you in art " Carter smiled "Yeah I know " I said as he helped me off the table 

"CARTER!!" Louis yelled louder . He rolled his eyes and I giggled "Well that's my late bell love u " he kissed me "love u too" I smiled and he smiled back  and he ran off . 

Once the other guys left me , Brianna , and Amber walked to our first class which is English . My english partner is Liam Payne son of one of the best selling authors . Mr. August said we'd make a perfect team with his speech skills and my writing skills but we both said this class is difficult and we don't have not a thing of this assignment . 


"What are we gonna do why is this so hard !!?" Liam yelled "I don't know there is nothing to write its hopeless " I yelled as loud as him . He shook his head cracking a smile "Ready to drop this class ?" He asked . "Oh yeah " I responded slamming the dictionary book closed . 

Just then 

*Will London Rose Report To The Main Office London Rose To The Main Office *

Everyone started to OOOO and I rolled my eyes "Grow some testicles people !" I yelled and then walked out to the office . I hope I'm not in trouble but I guess my wish was too good to be true because there stood my Step- Father and Principal Deen . 

"Ohhh No" I said . "Come have a seat dear " Principal Deen said . I walked in the little office sitting in the chair next to my dads . 

"Well Ms. Rose we looked at your test score and records .. perfect behavioral record but your test scores aren't that good " She explained . "Oh well I'm sure they're jus --" she cut me off "London these aren't typos .. You are failing all of your classes except art and gym . I know our star Volleyball player can do so much better " She nodded her head . 

"Well .. yeah I guess but its so difficult !!! " I whined "is there anything we can do to help her Mr. Rose " she asked my father . 

" Well if she's willing to ... I've called a very advanced Tutor from Cheshire University that could help her um Harry Styles I believe " he explained 

She snapped her fingers "Harry Styles the best student to ever attend this school .. I hope he can bring these F's up to A's before the summer or you're not graduating " 

I sighed . I don't want a tutor . Especially not one older than me so he can just complain of how childish I am but I really wanna graduate with my friends and my boyfriend so I guess I have no choice 

"Fine " I mumbled . "I'll be back to get her he'll be over at the house maybe 1 or 2 I'll give you a call .. bye baby girl " My dad waved "Lates daddy'o .. "  I mumbled . 

"To class Rose " Principal Deen demanded . I rolled my eyes getting up and walk in out . I turned back "I never really liked you " I said giving her the evil eyes . She does the same as I walked off back to class . 


Happy New Year 2014 We're Gonna Shut It Down!!!


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