The Teacher and the Student

Lena Ruthford was the most popular girl in school. Everyone loved her. Lena was in love with one person, her math teacher, Ezra Matthews. One thing leads to another and her life changes in one moment. But what would that change be?

This story is probably really crappy because I wrote it a long time ago, but I thought I would put it on here and continue with it.


12. Chapter Twelve

Lena went to school the next day and she was totally in a daze. She couldn’t think about anything but being pregnant.

Lena was sitting on the curb outside the school because she didn’t want to get coffee in the morning with the girls.

It was about 6:45 in the morning. Lena didn’t know why she got to school so early. She just wanted to be out of the house.

“Hey baby.” Ezra came up behind her and tickled her.

“Geez Ezra you scared me and don’t tickle me.” Lena said in a grumpy mood.

“Lena, why aren’t you happy? Your mom is fine with us dating.” He said.

“If you don’t remember, I am pregnant Ezra. With your baby!” Lena said.

“Yeah I know that but come on let’s just be happy right now.” Ezra said.

“I can’t! I am pregnant! I am going to be the talk of the school! I shouldn’t have to deal with this right now, Ezra! I’m scared and I just wish you wouldn’t be all happy about this!” Lena explained.

While Lena was saying this she was punching him and hitting him. When Lena stopped talking Ezra let her hit him a little more, then Ezra grabbed her hands and pulled her into him. He held her so tight. Lena was bawling. She didn’t care who saw them.

Cassie, Lizzie, and Trista walked up. They saw that Lena was crying. Ezra just waved them off and the girls went into the school.

Ezra just held Lena until kids started to show up.

“I should go find my girls.” Lena said.

“Yeah it would be a good idea.” Ezra said.

“I’ll see you in class.” She told him.

“I love you Lena.” Ezra told her.

“I love you too.” Lena said to him.

Ezra leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. Then they went their separate ways.

As Lena walked into the school she could hear whispers.

“Did you see him kiss her?”

“I guess there dating.”

“Why would she date Mr. Matthews?”

She hated hearing the gossip about her. She knew it would only get worse when they all find out that she is pregnant with Mr. Matthews’s baby. But she thought it would be all worth it because they both love each other.

Lena finally found her girls.

“Why were you crying?” Cassie asked.

“You saw me crying?” Lena asked.

“Yes we did. Now tell us why you were crying.” Lizzie said.

Lena looked around the room to see if anyone was listing.

“You guys, I am pregnant with Ezra’s baby.” She told them.

“You’re what? How is that possible?” Trista asked.

“Well I think it is sort of obvious how! But when did it happen?” Lizzie said.

“The day after Ezra and I had our first date.” She said to them.

“Are you completely sure you’re pregnant?” Cassie asked.

“Yes I am sure. I took a test yesterday.” Lena said.

“Well maybe it was wrong. You have to get into a doctor to make 100% sure.” Cassie said.

“I’ll make an appointment for after school.” Lena told them.

Just then the bell rang and the girls scrambled to their classes.


It was lunch and Lena pulled out her phone and called her doctor’s office.

“Lake View Kaiser Office. How can I help you?” The women said on the other line.

“Hi, I need to make an appointment to see if I’m pregnant.” Lena said in a scared tone.

“Okay. I need your name please.” The women said.

“Lena Ruthford.” She said to the women.

“Okay. Oh, so your 17?” The women asked.

“Yes I am.” She said.

“Okay dear. Can you come into the office at 3:15 today?” She asked.

“Yes I can. Will I have my regular doctor?” Lena asked.

“Yes, you will have Dr. Messing.” The women said.

“Okay. Oh could you please call my cell phone if you need to get a hold of me for any reason?” She asked.

“Yes we can. What is you cell number?” The women asked. I gave her my cell number.

 “Okay I will put that in the system and we will see you at 3:15.” The women said.

“Okay thank you.” Lena said.

Lena clicked off her phone and got instantly scared. She will find out if she is really pregnant today.

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