The Teacher and the Student

Lena Ruthford was the most popular girl in school. Everyone loved her. Lena was in love with one person, her math teacher, Ezra Matthews. One thing leads to another and her life changes in one moment. But what would that change be?

This story is probably really crappy because I wrote it a long time ago, but I thought I would put it on here and continue with it.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Lena told Ezra about her appointment and he said he wanted to be with her. She let him go with her.

It was finally time to head over to the doctor’s office and Ezra and Lena went in their separate cars to the office.

When Lena and Ezra got to the office they checked into the office and got right into the doctor.

“Hello Ms. Ruthford. What are you in for today?” Dr. Messing asked.

“I need to get an accurate pregnancy test.” Lena said.

“Oh, okay. Let me go get it started and I will be back in a few minutes.” Dr. Messing said.

“Okay thanks.” Lena said.

Dr. Messing walked out of the room to go get Lena’s test ready.

“She seems nice.” Ezra said.

“Oh, yeah. Dr. Messing is great.” She said to him.

5 minutes later Dr. Messing walked back in.

“Okay Lena and… What was your name again?” Dr. Messing asked.

“Ezra.” He said to her.

“Okay Lena and Ezra let’s go into the other room and we will do the test.” Dr. Messing said.

As they walked into the other room Lena got weak in the knees. She didn’t know how she was going to deal with this.

“Okay lay down here and lift up your shirt to your bra line please.” Dr. Messing said.

Lena did as Dr. Messing told her. When she pulled up her shirt, Dr. Messing put cold blue stuff on her stomach. When Dr. Messing did that everything felt so real to her.

“Okay let’s see if you’re pregnant. Let me see if I can find a little heartbeat.” Dr. Messing told them.

Lena was squeezing Ezra’s hand so hard. She was so scared.

“Okay. Not seeing anything. Oh wait there it is. Lena you are pregnant.” Dr. Messing told Ezra and Lena.

Tears were starting to come into Lena’s eyes.

“I’ll leave you two alone for a minute. I’ll go get the pictures.” Dr. Messing said.

Dr. Messing walked out of the room and Ezra and Lena just stared at the screen.

“Were going to be parents.” Ezra said.

“Yeah we are. I don’t know how we’re going to do this but we will.” Lena said.

“Yeah we will. When should we tell your mom?” Ezra asked.

“We should probably just tell her today. It will be really hard for me to keep it in and I want you to be there when I tell her.” Lena explained.

Dr. Messing came back in and gave them the pictures. Lena set up her next appointment for September 17th. Then Lena and Ezra took off to go to Lena’s house.

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