The Teacher and the Student

Lena Ruthford was the most popular girl in school. Everyone loved her. Lena was in love with one person, her math teacher, Ezra Matthews. One thing leads to another and her life changes in one moment. But what would that change be?

This story is probably really crappy because I wrote it a long time ago, but I thought I would put it on here and continue with it.


17. Chapter Seventeen

After the doctor’s appointment, Ezra and Lena went to the mall to do some shopping for the baby. Lena wanted tons and tons of pink. Ezra wasn’t all for the pink, he was more toward the purples and yellows.

“Just let me have some pink Ezra. I mean come on! I am a girly girl and I want Lucy to be too.” Lena said.

“Okay fine, but not everything is going to be pink.” Ezra responded.

“Fine half of it will be pink and half of it will be the color’s you want.” Lena said.

“I can deal with that. What if we did the room in all of the colors? Don’t pink, yellow, purple go together?” He asked her.

“Yeah but they have to be certain pinks, purples, and yellows. Like these.” She told him.

Lena held up a pink, yellow, and purple plaid dress. It was pastel colored. It was absolutely adorable.

“That would be cool in her room. But can we talk about something Lena?” He asked her.

“We can talk about anything. What is it?” She asked him.

“I was thinking. We are going to have this baby in 4 months, so we are going to be a family. You might not want to do this when you have the baby but if you want to I would like you to move in.” Ezra told her.

“Yes of course I want to! But I don’t know if my mom will go for it. She is still on edge because of me being pregnant. Still after 5 months she is still on edge. But I can talk to her. I really want her to say yes though.” Lena said to him.

“Great because I really want you move in. I think it would be amazing.” He told her.

He then kissed her on the lips and pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

“You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me Lena Alice Ruthford.” Ezra told her.

Ezra placed his hands on her cheeks and rubbed her cheeks with his thumbs.

“You are my perfect love story Ezra James Matthews. Just the baby coming early then I would like.” Lena told him.

“Ha-ha, yeah.  But everything will work out, Lena.” Ezra said.

“I can’t wait for little miss Lucy to be her.” Lena said as she rubbed her stomach. Ezra put his hand on hers and they just looked at each other longingly.

“Well, let’s get some shopping done and we can go and talk to your mom.” Ezra said.

So then Ezra and Lena got some clothes, blanket, and toys and left.

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