The Teacher and the Student

Lena Ruthford was the most popular girl in school. Everyone loved her. Lena was in love with one person, her math teacher, Ezra Matthews. One thing leads to another and her life changes in one moment. But what would that change be?

This story is probably really crappy because I wrote it a long time ago, but I thought I would put it on here and continue with it.


8. Chapter Eight

Lena got to the door and rang the doorbell. Her feet were killing her because she was wearing 5 in black high heeled shoes. Lena could hear footsteps in the back ground. Then the door opened.

“How long does is take you to open a door!” Lena said in a joking tone.

Ezra leaned into kiss her but Lena just pushed right past him and took off her shoes. As she took off her shoes, she felt the pain in her feet and her feet began to cramp. As her feet cramped she feel into Ezra.

“Nice catch.” Lena said to Ezra with a smile on her face.

“Nice fall.” Ezra said.

As Ezra was holding onto Lena he kissed her. Then Ezra fell forward. He and Lena both fell.

“Okay, really. You are clumsy if you had two feet planted on the ground and still fell over.” Lena said while laughing really hard.

“Well you fell too.” Ezra said.

“My feet were cramping! I had a reason to fall.” Lena said while smacking him.

Ezra then pinned her down so she would stop smacking him. Then he leaned over her and started kissing her. He was taking his hands through her hair and gently taking his fingers over her cheeks. Lena was taking her hands through his hair and rubbing his back.

The next thing Lena knew, she and Ezra were walking into his bedroom. Ezra laid Lena down and was kissing her gently. Lena was working up Ezra’s shirt. Ezra stopped kissing her and just looked into Lena’s eyes, while Lena was taking her finger tips over Ezra’s chest and stomach. His skin felt really warm against her finger tips.

“Are sure you want to do this?” Ezra asked Lena.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Lena said in sort of a scared tone.

“Lena, I don’t want to make you feel like you have to do this. I mean if you don’t want to it, it’s okay with me.” Ezra said in a calm and cool tone.

“Ezra, it’s okay. I want to do this.” Lena said to him.

Ezra then started kissing her again and taking off her cardigan. He kissed her shoulders and neck. Then Lena started undoing Ezra’s belt buckle and taking his pants off. Ezra had on plaid boxers.

“Those are cute boxers.” Lena told him.

“Thanks.” Ezra said laughing.

Then Ezra slipped off Lena’s tank top. It’s a good thing I am wearing a cute bra, Lena thought. Lena’s bra had purple trim and straps with white polka-dots and it was black. Ezra then gently unhooked her bra.

This is the first time any guy had seen her without a shirt on. Lena was nervous. She thought to herself, he has probably done this before and I’m probably doing this wrong.

She could feel Ezra going down and unzipping her pants. She helped him slip off her pants. Then she and Ezra slipped off their underwear and in the next moment they were having sex. Lena seemed so comfortable on the outside but on the inside she was freaking out because she was afraid that she was going to mess something up. But then 10 minutes later it was over. Ezra and Lena were lying in bed cuddling.

“That was really great.” Ezra told her.

“I didn’t mess it up?” Lena asked him.

“No you didn’t. You were perfect.” Ezra said while brushing the hair from her cheeks.

“Ezra, have you had sex before?” Lena asked him with a serious tone.

“Well, yeah. I have.” Ezra said.

“Oh, I see.” Lena said.

“But it was only once and it doesn’t mean anything. I really wish I hadn’t done it. I wish you were my first time. Have you done it before?” Ezra asked.

“That is really sweet. The first part you said anyway.  But, no I haven’t done it before.” Lena told him.

“I think it’s really sweet that I am your first time,” Ezra said, “Do you want to go out and watch TV?”

“Yeah sure. Ugh, I don’t want to get back into my uncomfortable clothes.” Lena said.

“You can take a pair of my sweats and a t-shirt if you want it.” Ezra said.

“That would be nice.” Lena told him.

Ezra went to his dresser and found a newer pair of sweats that are really soft and threw her a Timber Falls High School basketball t-shirt (Ezra was the coach for the Junior Varsity team). Lena slipped them on. It felt really good to wear them. They smelt just like him.

“These feel so great. Better than my normal clothes.” Lena said.

“If you want to, you can keep them.” He said.

“Really? That’s sweet.” She told him.

“Why don’t you turn on the TV while I make us some food.” He said.

Lena walked into the living room and found the remote and turned on the TV. What she saw she couldn’t believe.

“Ezra get in here!” Lena yelled.

“What? What’s going on?” He asked.

Ezra was listing and reading the TV screen.  The news was on and they were talking about how they are talking about repealing the law on adults dating minors and that teachers can date students.

“That would be so perfect if they repealed that law. We could go into school and hold hands and kiss like everyone else.” She said.

“Yeah it would be.” Ezra said and he leaned down and kissed her.

As they were listing to the news, the news casters were saying they were going to vote on repealing the law next Wednesday.

“You should come over that day and we can watch the news together.” Ezra said.

He went behind her and rubbed her shoulders.

“Yeah I’ll come over. But, wow that feels good.” Lena said in a sleepy tone.

So the rest of the day Ezra and Lena ate food, watched the news, talked, and cuddled. It was the perfect afternoon for Ezra and Lena.

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