Three Direction

Autumn, Megan, and Lily are three different girls from three different worlds. What happens if they meet up one day? When three worlds collide? What if one day they met the worlds biggest boy band and some romance starts?


5. Please Dont

Chapter 5: Please don't 


"YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!" my father yells as I run as fast as my tired legs can take me up to my room. Slamming and locking the door I stumbled into the room. I accidentally spilled my dad's scotch on him after I made it, his dreadful ripped and already stained shirt was now soaked with the alcoholic beverage, "BITCH YOU WILL PAY WHEN YOU LEAVE THAT ROOM OF YOURS! YOU HEAR ME!?"

I'm gonna run. Like countless times before I'm gonna run from him. I don't know how he does but every time I try to run he finds me. He shows up in about 2 days time. Brushing the thoughts of what he would do when he finds me again aside I grabbed my backpack from the closet. Shoving this and that, shirts and pants, anything I'd need for the days to come into it. Sobs escape my lips as my legs become week again. If only I escaped the beatings today I wouldn't be so weak. I'd half to wait till tomorrow to run or else I would get no where in my state. I shoved the only money I have, which is about $15, in the bag as well as my phone slumping to the floor. I'd need food or else I would starve. 

Pressing my ear to the door I could hear the shower running from my dad's room. So I slipped out the door and down the stairs as fast as I could, headed for the kitchen. I grabbed a few bottles of water and some apples and ran back to my room to put it in my backpack, and running back down. About halfway down the stairs a strong wet hand gripped my forearm. Sucking in a breath I stood frozen on that step as the grip tightened. I knew who it was. My dad.

"Where do you think your going?" He growled, spinning me so I was facing him. 

"J - just to the k-kitchen to get a granola bar," it wasn't a complete lie I was going to the kitchen to get a granola bar, I was just getting it so I could run with some food with me. 

I felt a sharp pain on my head and back, opening my eyes to realise he shove me down the rest of the flight of stairs, and that he was stumbling his way down to me. 

"D-dad, s-stop. Please don't. I beg you," I managed to squeak out as his boot forcefully came into touch with my stomach.

"Don't call me dad! that would entitle that I love you," many more kicks followed, "and who could ever love a piece of shit like you?" His words stung as I tried to get up off the ground. Failing as the tears began to blur my vision. All I see is my dads blurry figure heading into the kitchen.

Screw tomorrow. I'm leaving now. 

Running upstairs and grabbing my back I checked to make sure I had everything I needed. Throwing it over my shoulder I slowly crept my way down the stairs in hopes to not be noticed. Throwing open the front door I sprint as far As I can away from the dreaded house. 

~~Hours Later~~

How long have I been running for? It's seemed like days, But checking my phone I see that's it's only been 3 hours. Figuring that I'm far enough away I stop to catch my breath and take a good look around at my surroundings.

I'm in the middle of London which is quite crowded for since it's New Year's Eve. The streets are crowded with drunk adults stumbling from bar to bar. Little children grasping onto their loving parents for dear life. And by the looks of it, its gonna storm tonight. Just my luck. 

I pull my self into an ally and check my phone again. Noticing a text from my father. 

Dad: really? You ran again! Bitch you just don't understand that with the tracker I have In your phone I'll be able to find you wherever you go. I'll come for you in the morning. 

Oh so that's how he finds me... The soft whimpers that were escaping my lips turned into large sobs that racked through my body. I let out a loud scream chucking my phone at the opposite wall of the ally. Watching in satisfaction as it falls to the floor in scrambled pieces. 

Within seconds I hear footsteps coming towards me. Shit. My dad has come now instead of tomorrow. The sobs come faster and grow harder as the footsteps come closer and closer stoping in front of me. Wait. Those aren't my fathers shoes. They are pearl white jays. There's no way those are my fathers. Slowly lifting my head up to look up at the stranger I notice it's a teenage boy who looks to be in is 20s or so. Great. Even better. I'm gonna be raped out here in the freezing cold on New Years. What a wonderful way to start the new year. 

"Please don't. No no no. Please," the all to familiar words escape my lips as the sobs yet again grow harder. 

"Shh, no I'm not gonna hurt you, I heard you scream so I came to see if everything was all right," he cooed sitting next to me and dragging me onto his lap. "Shh everything will be ok, just calm down so I can talk to you." 

I cried into his navy blue baseball 
t-shirt, soaking it. We sit in silence nothing but my harsh sobs fill the air. My sobbing slowed till they were nothing more than soft whimpers.

"Care to tell me your name love?" The boy questioned. Getting a better look at the him I noticed his golden brown hair slicked back and chocolate eyes filled with Pity and worry. 

"M-Megan," I barely chocked out, my throat soar from cry for so long. 

"That's a pretty name you've got there ain't it?" He smiled at me, I could feel my cheeks beginning to heat up indicating I was blushing."I'm Liam love, common lets get you cleaned up. I'll take you make to my flat then you could call your parents to come pick you up"

The whimpering started again at the mention of parents. "I, I can't burden you like that," I hoarsely whispered.

"You wouldn't be a burden, I was headed back for my flat anyway," he smiled once again helping me to my feet and grabbing my bag off the ally floor and walking towards the ally entrance. Not wanting to upset the boy I quietly followed him.

The flat wasn't too far from the ally way. The walk was only 6 minutes and consisted of me almost losing Liam twice and Liam managing to get the slightest bit of information out of me. Just my age and a couple of minor things like my favorite color, favorite book, and other things. Small talk mostly. I learned that he is 20 and in some sort of band called one dimension or something like that. We are currently standing at his door as he unlocks the flat. I'm debating whether or not to run away from him. But decide against it as too not anger him and that I have nowhere to stay for the night. 

"Welcome to home ala Payne," he smiles opening the door over dramatically.


Hola lovelies :) how's your day been so far??
~Megan xx

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