Three Direction

Autumn, Megan, and Lily are three different girls from three different worlds. What happens if they meet up one day? When three worlds collide? What if one day they met the worlds biggest boy band and some romance starts?


7. I won a Miserable New Year

Lilys POV

I walk out of the airport doors, dragging my luggage behind. Daayyeeem it's cold here. Snow falls from from the sky as I reach my hand out to try and catch it. We don't get snow in Australia but I've seen in once when I was little on vacation. I kick the snow below my feet and sit down on a bench. I look at the address of where I live and where the interview is. There is a line of taxi cabs ready to leave. I run over to one before all the other people can get there. I get in the back and tell him the address. I take my blue hair out of the pony and fix my hair. I'm so InLove with my hair like you don't even know.

We pull into a tall building and he says "This is the place" And hold his hand out for money. I hand the man the money and get out. I look up to see the top of the building, it's so big. Butterflies erupt in my stomach. I didn't realize id be this homesick. l look at the room number and it's on floor 10. I mean, that's not the highest.


The Next Day:

10 minutes. 10 minutes till my interview. I can do it. I'm sitting in the back of a taxi almost 1 minute away from the building. I'm wearing a pencil skirt, a knitted purple sweater, a purple beanie, and grey boots. I love the color purple because people tell me it goes amazing with my hair. My hair is crimped and the white tips at the bottom has a little curl.

I pay the driver and walk to the buildings door. My future depends on this. I sit down in the empty hall as I hear harsh talking in the other room. I can't do this I need to go home. I fittle with my braclet to distract myself. I can do this. "Lily Shaffler?" A woman calls. The woman had whitish hair and a few tattoos. I go in and sit down. "Shall we begin?" She asks looking at a paper. "Sure" I squeak nervously.

"First off, I'm Lou" She says shaking my hand. "Nice to meet you" I say with a smile. "Okay so Lily, I understand your in school for hair and makeup design. "Yesmam" I say more confidently. "Your how old?" She asks. "19" I say adjusting my beanie. "I love your accent" She says smiling. "Thank you" I blush. Why was I so nervous?

Lou was about to say something when five boys ran in. "Happy New Year's Eve Lou" A boy with a British accent says. I don't think any if the boys notice me sitting here. A boy with curly hair hands Lou a small toddler. "Boys, I'm in the middle if an interview" Lou says pointing to me. I wave and look at the five boys. The shaggy haired looking one winks at me and I turn my head quickly. That was awkward. The toddler is at my feet yanking on my skirt. "Hello" I say to the girl. "Lux leave her alone" The shaggyish haired looking one says walking over go get the girl. He looks me in the eye and slowly stands up. He carries the girl who I assumes name is Lux back to the boys. "Boys, this is Lily Shaffler" Lou says introducing me. "Liam" The one dressed nice says. "Harry" The one with the curls and deep voice says. "Louis" The shaggy haired one says with a wink. Ugh, stop winking! "Zayn" The one with black hair says with a grin. "Niall" The Irish one says. I love Irish accents. The boys chuckle. "What?" I ask confused. "Your face brightened when Niall said his name" Liam points out. "I'm sorry I just love Irish accents" I laugh. "I love Austrailian accents" Someone says under his breath. I have a feeling I know who it is. Harry elbows Louis so I'm positive it's him now. "Get out and let us finish" Lou says kicking the boys out.


I stand in the hall with ten other anxious girls. Lou walks into the hall and all the girls' heads perk up. "You all were lovely but one girl stood out to me. That girl is" Lou says with a pause. "Lily Shaffler"

I, I did it.. They boys start clapping as Liam takes off down to the town. Louis, Harry,Zayn, and Niall come up and hug me. "Congrats Smurf" Louis says. I laugh at his nickname. "Thank you all so much" I say to Lou and the boys. "Aren't you going to stay?" The boys ask. "No I have to go wait for the ball to drop" I say with a grin. "Are you having a party? or friends over?" Niall asks. "No today's my first full day here so I'll be watching it with righty and lefty" I say with a laugh. "We would love to join you but we are all heading to Liam's later." Zayn says. "It's fine" I say picking up my bag. "Have a good night" I say. Louis walks over a peice of paper and says "All of our number Incase anything happens" I smile and walk out the door. I wave as I wait for a taxi. Dang, it looks like it's going to storm! The snow has melted but it's still cold.


11:59. I sit in my quiet apartment as I watch the ball on tv. I have a glass of sparkling juice because drinking is not my thing. 3.2.1... "Happy New Years!" Everyone on the tv yells and it seems the whole town can be heard. The tv shows everyone kissing while I sit looking at the tv. I kiss the back of my hand and shut off the tv. What a way to start 2014....


Hey guys it's Lily, can you give me some feedback on my chapters xD

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