Three Direction

Autumn, Megan, and Lily are three different girls from three different worlds. What happens if they meet up one day? When three worlds collide? What if one day they met the worlds biggest boy band and some romance starts?


1. Lily

vHi I'm Lily! I'm 19 and live in Australia. I have two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. My younger sister, Clara, has had cancer for two years now so my older brother Nick is very protective of me. I'm a natural blonde but I dyed my hair blue and white a month or so ago. I'm a very sassy person but I can be really random most the time. I'm not considered popular but I have a large group of friends. I played volleyball in my high school years but I graduated and left it behind. I now go to a small university in Australia for hair and makeup design. I'm really into Ed Sheeran, Paramore, Sleeping with Sirens, and rock music. Well that's alittle about me.

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