Orange Murderer

There has been twenty-two different deaths. Each one different from the last except for one factor. There is ALWAYS orange peels at the scene of the crime.

Whoever is killing people is now known as 'The Orange Murderer' but who exactly is this horrible person, cutting these people's lives short?

However, the victim never has a clean record. Whether it's drugs to prostitution it's almost like the killer is cleaning up the streets. But what makes the murderer go after innocent Niall?


1. Prologue

Prologue: "There has been a string of murders in the Doncaster area revolving around the Orange Murderer. Now he isn't murdering oranges but at every crime scene there are orange peels and that's the only thing similar in all of the cases. The victims are usually drug addicts or in prostitution so it's almost as if this killer is cleaning up the streets. I am Charlotte Kelly and this has been your morning report."    A man turned the tv off. His next target was Charlotte Kelly,the news anchor. He had traced her files and she deserved to be gone. Charged of prostitution,drug dealing,and murder. She used to be Samantha Jones but Samantha Jones died five years ago in a car crash a week after being convicted.    Or so the report says. The Orange Murderer has found another target. 
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