A Forbidden Love


1. Prologue

"Great" I whispered to myself. My dad just told me we were moving across the country, which means I have to start all over. "FLYNN!" I yelled for him to come into my room. Flynn is my best friend in the whole world. We've been best friends since birth. We grew up together and have been there for each other through it all. I was there when his parents died and and he has lived with us ever since.

"WHAT IS IT RAPUNZEL!?" He screamed as he flew in. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that we're angels? We try to fit in with the normies but it gets really hard sometimes. Like hiding our wings, it's the hardest thing to keep hidden!

"Calm down," I said softly and looked down at my pillow, "dad just told me we're moving to some little old crappy town called Antioch in Tennessee!!!!" We lived in Houston Texas. One of the biggest cities! We have lived here all our lives and we are used to it. We loved our school and we grew up with everyone. Starting over is going to be the hardest thing ever!

"I know," said Flynn, "he told me about two weeks ago but he told me not to tell you until he knew for sure."

" YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME!?" I was outraged. How could they!? This is a life changing event and they didn't even ask for my opinion? I'm pretty mad.

"I'm sorry Rapunzel. He made me promise not to say anything to you at all." He sounded sad. I let it go.

"It's alright I guess, but we have to start packing because we're leaving tonight." I said.

"So soon?" He asked. He looked sad too.

"That's what I said!" I said as I walked towards my window and looked out into the street. Everything here was so wonderful. I had friends. I had good grades. I love my school. Well loved. It's all gone now. I can't help but be sad. I don't want to move away.

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