A Forbidden Love


3. Fate

I flew inside looking for Flynn. I went into his room to see if he was there and he was. He was fixing up the last of his things on his shelf.

"Flynn!" I said angrily. He looked up at me startled. I am very quiet and it's so easy to sneak up on people.

"What!?" He asked. He looked confused. I guess he really wasn't messing with me.

"Were you messing with me outside? Did you fly above me?" I asked staring into his eyes.

"No?? What are you talking about?" He said questioning me.

"Never mind." I guess I'll let it go for now. I wonder what that was...

"Did you finish fixing your room up?" Flynn asked me.

"Of course I did." I said lifting him off the bed with my powers holding him upside down in the air.

He sighed. We looked at each other for a long time. I wondered what I would do without him. I love him so much. He means so much to me.

"RAPUNZEL, FLYNN!" My dad suddenly yelled from the living room. He startled me so I dropped Flynn on his bed and flew downstairs with Flynn right behind me as fast as we could.

"WHAT?" We said loudly.

"Here you go. Your schedules for tomorrow came in the mail. They said if you have any questions about your classes that you should ask for a Mr. Miller in the morning." He stated.

"Oh my gosh dad you scared us. Okay thank you!" I said as I opened the envelope and looked inside. I had all the classes I wanted. I looked at Flynn. He looked upset. "What?" I asked him.

"This is so stupid all my classes are wrong!" He said.

"Just go talk to them tomorrow in the morning like they said. They should fix it right away." I said trying to comfort him.

"Yeah, I know." He said walking away. I wonder why that bothered him so much.

The rest of the day went by quietly and uneventful. I sat on the couch watched tv and was playing on my phone. Everyone was tweeting me that they missed me already and good luck at my new school. It was depressing. I wished time wouldn't go as fast as it was. I was chewing my nails, something I haven't done since my freshman year. I'm so worried and nervous. I got caught up in the tv and my phone and when I looked at the time it was really late! My dad and Flynn were already sleeping when I checked on them. I sighed. I flew into my room and put on my monkey pajamas and slipped into bed. I was so exhausted from my long day and the moving and worrying that I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next morning I turned off my alarm and groaned and put he pillow over my face. I did not want to get up today.

After I finished putting on my clothes, a white collar shirt and black pants because this school requires a uniform, I went downstairs to join Flynn in our daily morning routine of eating breakfast together. My stomach was doing flips from the nervousness. I didn't want to join Flynn in his feast today because I didn't want to throw up on my new classmates. Then my dad asked if we were ready and we drove off to the school.

My stomach was so tender I could feel the flips it was doing I started shaking and felt so cold. I don't know why I was so nervous. What was the big deal? I graduate next year anyway! I was just making a big deal out of it. I took a deep breath and then we got out of the car. We walked into the school. Everyone kept staring at us. I felt so out of place. I wanted to hurry and get to my first class so I could make sure to sit in the back of the class. Flynn went to go look for the guidance counselor to get his classes fixed. We hugged and waved goodbye. We said good luck to each other and he left. I had Mr. Moss for English III for 1A. At this school they have A and B-Days. It's so confusing. We have 4 classes each day. Well at least it's one extra day for homework. I hurried and looked at the number on the paper. It's room number 506 upstairs. This school is so small compared to my old school. There's only 2200 people at this school. At my old school there were 5000 kids. Twice the size. I should fit in here right? Some people seemed nice but others just seemed mean. I was suddenly getting that scared feeling again.

"Hello" someone said behind me. I didn't look because I thought they were talking to someone else. It was a boy I guessed from the sound of his voice. He had a nice voice. I wondered if he was cute. Suddenly someone tapped me on my shoulder. I stopped and turned to look at who was talking to me. I looked at him dazed. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. My heart fluttered. I blushed and realized I had probably been staring at him creepily. I looked down and then away.

"Hi, my name is Jack. You're new right? I'm pretty sure I would of noticed you around." He said sweetly and smiled at me. I was melting. He was so cute!!!

"Hi... I'm Rapunzel." I muttered quietly. I could feel the heat on my face. This was so embarrassing. He barely said 3 words to me and I'm over here making a fool out of myself. I tried to clear my thoughts. I looked at his beautiful eyes.

"Do you know where your first class is?" He asked me smiling.

"Umm I'm sure it's just down this hall?" I said showing him my schedule.

"Cool! We have all the same classes!" He said. Oh no... All day everyday. At least i wouldn't be completely alone.

"Come on!" He said walking down the hall. I noticed what he was wearing. Black pants and a black hoodie. He had blonde hair. He was gorgeous. He was really pale and his eyes were a weird almost silver color. I had to try hard to keep up with him. He walked sort of fast. He said hi to a group of people that glared at me. I'm guessing that was his group. They were all wearing all black. One girl had really bright red hair. The rest were blondes and brunettes and a girl with long long long black hair. Almost as long as my blonde but mine was still about a foot longer. She looked especially angry. He looked back at me and introduced us.

"Guys this is Rapunzel. Rapunzel this is Eric, Ariel, Harry, Edward, Aladdin, Diana, and Pocahontas." He said pointing to each of them. They all waved except for Pocahontas. I'm guessing she doesn't like me very much. "Well I'm going to class you guys see y'all later! Come on Rapunzel!" He said gesturing me towards the direction he was walking in. I hurried after him. We passed a vending machine and finally got to the class. Mr. Moss looked nice. He said hello to me and told me where to sit. Coincidentally next to Jack. Everyone came into the class. Everyone was looking at me. I felt embarrassed so I looked down at the desk.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked me looking curious.

"Nothing I just miss my old school I guess." I said quietly.

"Where are you coming from?"

"Texas. Houston Texas." I said looking up into his eyes. I regretted it immediately. I should have just stared at the desk. Now I was mesmerized by his perfect face and his gorgeous eyes. I could feel myself blushing again. I tried to tear my eyes away from him. He smiled at me.

"That's cool!," he said "i'm from California!" He told me. We kept talking about ourselves. We had some things in common. But a lot of differences. He seems really sweet and he was very polite and nice. He was easy to talk to. We were watching a movie today in class but we just talked the whole time. Before I knew it the bell rang for 2nd block. He waited for me at the door and we walked together. We have Culinary Arts II next. we walked kind of slow still talking. We sat down at a table alone. I noticed Pocahontas sitting across the room facing her back towards us. I wonder if I stole her seat. I bet that won't make her like me any better. Just at that moment she turned to look at us. She turned around quickly after we made eye contact. This worried me. She didn't know me yet and she already hated me. Then Jack stole my attention. I noticed he was staring at me. I looked at him. He is so attractive. I noticed he had tattoos when he pulled up his sleeve a little to scratch his wrist. He was covered in them!!! I was amazed. It was actually kind of attractive on him. I then noticed they covered his entire neck too.

"How old are you?" I asked wondering.

"I'm sixteen years old. Why?" He asked and then looked at the table and back at me.

"Just wondering." I said. Then the teacher turned the lights off and we sat through a power point about knives. It was quiet at first.

"What's your favorite color?" Jack asked me grabbing my wrist looking at the bracelets I was wearing. His touch was electric. He pulled away at first but then reached for my arm again messing with the little charm on each of the bracelets.

"Blue. Why?" I asked looking at him in the dark. His eyes seemed to glow but I guess it was just the reflection coming off the light of the power point.

"Just wondering." He smiled and let go of my wrist. "You have really soft skin." He said turning his gaze to the screen. I felt butterflies. I could feel myself blush again glad that he probably couldn't tell in the dark.

"Thank you." I said quietly. He just shook his head.

I sat with him at lunch and we talked and laughed the whole time. He was perfect.

It was time to go home before I knew it. I was sad. I wanted to be with Jack all day. It was pathetic. I just met him.

He walked me to the back where we get picked up. He had his arm around me as we walked. He was already comfortable. I was glad. I didn't mind. I actually kind of liked it. Then he said he had to go because he had to catch the bus. We hugged and said goodbye. Then he left and I watched him walk away until he disappeared around the corner.

I sighed. Could someone really be so perfect? Then I saw Flynn and caught up with him.

"HOW WAS YOUR DAY!" We both said smiling excitedly.

"Great!" We said to each other. We laughed and then walked outside. It was pretty cold. I put on my beanie. We saw the car and walked slowly. I already couldn't wait for tomorrow.

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