A Forbidden Love


2. A New Beginning

We pulled up and got out of the car to look around. It looked like a nice neighborhood so far. The car ride wasn't unbearable. It was pretty on this side of town.

"Oh my gosh" I whispered just loud enough for my dad to hear. I already didn't like this place. Sure the house was beautiful but I like our old place better. This house was big and white. It was three stories. The backyard was really really big. It even had a built in pool and a nice deck. There were gorgeous flowers everywhere. There was even a cute little tree house in one of the trees. We had a nice white fence. Maybe this place wouldn't actually be that bad... Nahh. I won't let anything change my mind!!

"Wow!" Flynn exclaimed. "This place is gorgeous!"

"I know," my father said excitedly "I know you will both love it." He looked at me and I looked down. I felt bad for making him feel bad because I knew he was trying to do the best for us but I just didn't want to be here.

"Time to unload!" My dad said.

"I'll help you Rapunzel!" Flynn said. I sighed. At least my dad agreed to give me the nice room with the backyard view. And he agreed to let me get a dog. I was content for now I guess but I didn't want to start at a new school. I'm scared that I won't fit in and I won't make any new friends. I'll just be that random loner that no one likes. But I won't think about that just yet. It's only Sunday. We have the whole weekend before I have to worry about that.

I fixed my room around with my powers. I told Flynn I wanted to do this alone so he started on his room. I have telekinesis. Flynn can turn invisible. We all have different powers. They are all unique just like us. Even our wings are all different based on our ancestors. Flynn has plain white wings. They're beautiful and fluffy and so soft. I used to fall asleep cuddling them when we were little. I also have white wings but they are much larger than Flynn's. All my individual feathers also have a gold outline all the way around, and a silver outline just below the gold. I think they're beautiful but I'm jealous of my father's. His were all gold and shiny and soft and just the most beautiful set of wings I have ever seen. I can't have them but at least i get to see them everyday!

As I finished I went downstairs to what was supposed to be the living room I guess. Dad was struggling to put up the tv. Oh Zeus. Yes my father is Zeus. He is kind of a big deal. He's a descendent of the Supreme Angels. Which is kind of like Angel royalty. So you could say I'm an Angel princess. But ever since the empire fell and everyone went their separate ways I am no longer considered that. The demons destroyed what we had built up. They separated all the angel siblings and made them go against each other. My father doesn't talk to any of his family anymore. It's really sad but I mean things happen for a reason... Right?

I picked up the tv with my powers and placed it perfectly on the wall. I also connected all the wires and stuff. It was pretty easy. I love my powers. My dad looked over at me sheepishly.

"I had it!" He said

"Sure you did dad." I looked around the house until I saw the back door. I was going to go outside and lay in the sun for a bit. It always felt amazing to me. I walked past the deck and the pool over to where there was a perfect circle of light in the middle of the trees and flowers and I sat down. I was a little far from the house. This could be my thinking spot. Then I saw a shadow fly above me. This wasn't a small shadow either. Not like a bird. And it wasn't a plane because I would of heard it. This was actually about the size of a person. I looked up fast but I didn't see anything.

"Flynn!" I cried out. I hoped that it was just him messing with me. I didn't get a response. I know it might have just been nothing but being me, I had to be careful. A demon could be watching.

At my old school there weren't any demons. I was hoping there wouldn't be any at 'Antioch High School' either. I'm a junior and almost through with this school year but I don't think that would be very good. Sometimes I can't tell them apart from the normies and that's very dangerous. I was scared so I flew back inside. I shouldn't have made that mistake, because I didn't check to see if anyone was watching.

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