The bad boy and me

Hey guys info is on the first page please read I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6. chap 5

I was walking to class. Who was that jerk?? Oh well anyway he's an ass whole, thinking he can boss me around uhh... I go to class and I'm five min. Late uhhhhh fml... So I get to class and only see one desk open so after I introduce my self to the whole class I find my seat. And when I do I'm sitting next to a girl with black shiny hair and a nose piercing.

Ok Sam you can do this all you have to do is say hi yup no big deal it's just saying hi.

" ummm hello" I say the girl looks up and flashes me this bright smile. That's a good sign right?

"Hello, you must be new." She said

"Ummmm well...yeah"I said

"Hi, my name is Autumn. And you must be Sam?"

"Yeah. It's great to meet you Autumn." I said while I smile. I did it I said hi!!!! Ok Sam calm down...

I look up at the teacher who is writing on the board when someone walks into class. "Well hello Dylan it's great to see you this fine morning, but I think it would be better if you were actually on time..." Said the teacher.

* uhhhhh this chapter was longer I swear!!!!! It just cut off and didn't save it... Now I'm sad comment please...

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