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Livie a girl who goes see see her mom for the winterbreak and her birthday. What she didn't know is that she would be falling in love with her moms boyfriend's 'sons' fast and that she would would be meeting YouTube sensations Connor franta and JC caylen


3. my horrible birth day

   Livies POV

   I woke up to my head aching and my body was sore every where. Looked at the clock and it was 1:30AM I got up and opened my door and walked to the bathroom and opened up the medicen cabinet and got down the tylonal. I remembered something that today was my birthday and I was born litterly ten minutes ago I called my mom and started laughing at the way she answered the phone angry I said " its my birthday!"

   "Mmhh do you how pain you caused me then and your cuasing me pain right now." 

   " sorry love you bye." I hung up and closed the tylonal bottle and put it back up. I walked in to the kitchen and heard snickering. I turned on the lights winsing in pain. I heard a load surprise I didn't feel to well I ran to the restroom and threw up. I was startled when some one came in and pulled my hair up. I opened my eyes and saw JC and Connor. I laid against the bath tub, with my head in my hands. Today was my 18 birthday so I was old enough to drink just not buy it. I stood up and said " there will be a lot of this tonight." They looked at each other and said in unison " no there won't." I looked at my self in the mirror I looked like shit. I was pale, clamy, and had bags under my eyes. I went and got a glass of water to take the tylonal. I laid down on the mattrass I hadn't put up and told the guys to be quit." Your mom was right shouldn't have went outside with that little black dress on." said JC I opened my eyes and looked at JC and stuck out my middle finger. "I wish you would." I glared at him and then looked at Connor.

  Ricky, Kian, and Austin saw me look at Connor. Ricky said " no way you guys didn't"

   JC looked at me than at Ricky " they didn't do what." he asked.

   " they had sex." I was hopeing he said kissed but nope took it to the next level. I stood up and about fell over and stumbled to my room I went back and said " if y'all gonna yell and fight please keep it quit." I said stumbling to my room once more. I locked my door and through my self omy bed and turned out the light. About five minutes later I could still hear the boys argueing I didn't feel to good I unlocked my door and ran to the restroom shutting the door behind me. After it felt like I had nothing left to throw up I walked out and went back into the living room stopped and grouned. I turned around and hobbled to the kitchen I grabbed a glass of water and rinsed my mouth out. I rinsed the cup out and filled it up with some seven up. I walked to the living room and said " happy fucking birthday to me." I raised my cup and downed the little bit of seven up that I had put in it. I laid down on the couch that had Austin and JC on it. I put my head on JC's leg and my legs on Austin. We sat there in silence for a minute. My head ache was starting to go away and my stomach didn't hurt as much as it did. I sat up and leaned against the back of the couch. I let out a big sigh, everyone looked at me. I said " wanna play truth or dare?" I asked they all shook there heads yes. By this time it was only 3:15AM. I chose JC and dared him to give someone of the same or opposite sex a kiss. He looked at me and glared he pulled me to him and gave me a peck on the cheek. It was his turn he chose Austin and dared him to go into another room and jack off. I almost through up but only went over to the trash can and spit. When I came back over Austin was gone and I said " hope he didn't go in my room." I sat down and laid my head on JC's shoulder. Austin came back and dared Ricky to slow dance with me. I through him my phone and he looked at me weird. " you think I'm dancing without music." He unlocked my phone and turned on Apologize by One Rebubplic. I put my arms around Ricky's neck. He put his arms around my waist I played my head on his chest and we swayed back and forth till one part of the songs beat changed he twirled me around the back of him he stuck his hands between his legs i took them and he pulled me underneath him and before I knew it i was on my feat in front of him then the music stopped. Everyone's jaws were hanging open. " close your mouths your gonna catch flies." I luaghed and went and sat back down and said " if you guys think that's cool you ain't seen nothing yet I can do the quick step, jiture bug, and the jive." 

   "I have no idea what those are but they sound complicated." Carson siad 

   " its really not if you been takeing dance since you eight." I said. Ricky looked at Kian and him and me to go into another room and do a strip tease. I looked at him and said " fuck no I'm not a whore." Everyone looked at me. Then JC turned my head gentle.

   "don't you ever call your self a whore or think your one chase you'll never ever be one." He said a tear fell down my cheek and he wipe it away. I laid my head on his shoulder and laugh end when everyone started takeing picture s of us like this. I turned my head and covered my face. By the time we stopped it was daybreak. I went outside and sat on the stairs. I got a text and looked at to see who it was. It was my ex saying happy birthday just  then a car pulled up and my ex Sam got out a squeled and ran up to him and gave him a big kiss. He picked me up and spun me around. My stomach did not at all agree with that. I kind of slapped his arm and ran inside and into the restroom. I threw up and I looked up at the ceiling. I got up and walked out, all eyes were on me. I walked overto the kitchen table and said " I hate being fucking sick it sucks." Sam walked over and gave me a hug. I groaned and said " I wouldn't be surprised if you guys sick." I looked at Connor, Ricky, and JC. I ran over and plopped down on the mattress I still hadn't put up. It looked beautiful outside the sun just comeing over the horizon. I gave Connor my phone and grabbed JC and screamed " follow me everyone." I wanted to get a picture of us all together. I looked for Connor and he was running with a professional looking camera and a tri-pod. He sat to up and put a timer on it. We all grabbed hands and jumped in the air as soon as the last blink went off. I rushed over and looked at the picture it was perfect. 

  -skip to that night-

   I had called Kelse and told her to come over early because I wanted her to help me with my hair and make up. She was there at 7:00 since the party was at 8:00. She was zipping up my dress when JC walked in. I widened my eyes and said " I could've been naked would you have walked up in here the same way." 

He smirked and said " yeah and I would have told your friend to leave the room." He looked at my wrist and noticed a small tattoo. I had a tattoo that was a shamrock with a infinity sign in the middle an it and the shamrock was made of a British flag. He walked over to me and flipped it and asked " when did you get this?" 

   I looked at him and smiled "I was 16 I have another tattoo and I have a lip piercing." I went over and went through my jewelry box and found my lip ring and I put it in. I also grabbed my nose ring and put it in. I  turned around and showed him. I moved my hair and told him to unzipp my dress a little. I had a tattoo of  three butterflies and a rose the rose was pink and the butter flies had multipull colors. He saw it and said it was beautiful. 

   " what do they mean?"  He touched the tattoo and it gave me goosbumbs. 

   "there supossed to mean my mum my dad and me will always be together and nothing could break our bond. The shamrock is for my my dad who is from Ireland and my mums from here so that's were I got the British shamrock thing form. And the infinity sign means it will always be in me." He zipped my dress back up and I let my hair down. 

  " good reasons but if you were to have one made just for you what would it be?" He asked I bit the inside of my cheek and thought.

   " a cloud because its light and airy like me."I said he nodded and got up and left. He told me that he had to go get me something for my birthday and left. After that Kelse plugged in the hair curler and started curling my hair. She done my make up and stepped back and looked at me and said " you look hot!" I stood up and looked in the mirror. I put on a pair of black polka dotted toms and walked out faceing the ground. An hour later my mum came we had to kinda delay the party. I told all the boys they could invite four friends each so it wasn't just us all there. JC hasn't been back in a while. I saw his car pull up I ran out side and he looked at me and said " wow has anybody told you, you look amazing." I smiled and hugged him. 

   " ya everyone's said that so far ohh text four of your friends and tell them to come over." I said I looked at his wrist and there was a piece of cloth over it. I pointed to it.

  " you wanna see." He peeled it off and there was atattoo of a cloud with a date inside of it. 

  " you said you would get a cloud andthe numbers the day I meet you." I kissed him and he leaned away and I grabbed his hand. I took him inside and made him show everyone. I looked out the window and noticed some guys and girls pulling up. I went to the door and motioned them to come in and went back inside and after about five minutes I didn't see anyone that I knew. My mum went to go pick up Ben so a couple of guys with beers and shots came up to me and said " your the birth day girl time to drink up." They handed me a shot and I downed it making a horrible face cause it was terrible. I ran to the kitchen and spit it out. It was absolutely disgusting. I went to my bed room and looked to see it had been untouched. I went and looked inthe mirror. Good thing my mum and the boys were the only ones in the builing. I didn't feel so good. I opened my door and ran to the bathroom slowly trying not to catch much attention. I finnaly got to it and I got a few stares but not much. I opened the door and made sure it closed behind me and put my foot against it so no one would come in. I guess word had gotten around chase Kelse, JC, and Connor were there. I moved my foot and just sat back against the bath tub. They came tumbling in. I kind of laughed but then threw up. I heard my mum asking were I was. She came in and saw me and asked if I had, had any alcohol. I looked up at her and said yes. She shook her head and said " just like your mum and so many ways but you look so much like your dad." I gave a weak smile. This was officially the most horrible birth day I had ever had.



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