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Livie a girl who goes see see her mom for the winterbreak and her birthday. What she didn't know is that she would be falling in love with her moms boyfriend's 'sons' fast and that she would would be meeting YouTube sensations Connor franta and JC caylen


1. meeting JC Caylen

         Livie's POV

  I had just got off off the plane I saw my mum waiting at the gate with Kelse I squeled and ran to them. I called my ex-boyfriend and told him I that I was safe even though we weren't dating anymore we still had feelings for each other. It told him bye and to tell my dad not to worry. My dad lived in Calafornia and my mum lived in London so in was a far way away from home. My mom and Kelse lead me to the car I through my stuff in the trunk of the car and jumped in. 

    At my mum house

  Kelse went home and my mom took me to the mall to go shopping for my birthday she said to get what I wanted but don't make it to expensive. I nodded we went to forever21. I saw some guy carrying a camera and talking with his friends I looked at him and saw that he looked back at me, I though he looked cute and that I had seen him somewhere before.I went into the Vans store and started looking at a pair that were knee high and pink with black laces. I heard someone laugh and looked around I asked my mum if I could have the pair of vans she nodded her head I went and found my size and went to the cashier with my mum. The guy with the camera was behind us in line he tapped on my mums shoulder. She looked up at him and said " oh hi JC and Connor." I looked at my mum funny. She said to stop or my face will stick like that.

  " Hi my name is Livie" I stuck out my hand to the boy with the dark coloed hair, he took it and shook it.

  " Hi my names JC" he said I pointed to his friend.He said his name was Connor. We said goodbye and went to JC penny I found the cutest dress. It was black an stopped mid thigh. My mum bought it for me. We left the mall after another hour and back to my mums house. My mom was red headed and was British. That's were I got my accent from. I walked in and saw my mums boyfriend and slapped on a fake smile. I heard a laugh that I had heard before. I looked through my window. I was trying on the dress I ran the door and stopped JC in his tracks. They looked at me from head to toe. I said " my face is here not down there" 

  " sorry we were, you look cute in that dress."  said Connor.

  " You guys live here?"

  " Yeah we live right there" pointing to it.

  " How do you know my mum?"

  "Your mom is dateing the guy who pays our rent and we don't live buy our selfs those two apartments are combined to make one they each have four rooms."

  " damn that's a big ass apartment! Who's your room mates?"

   "First of all you got a mouth on you, and there names are kian, Sam, Ricky, Austin, Logon, and finnaly Carson." Connor said. I giggled at the first part. Just as he said the last

name a guy with blonde hair came out. He looked at me and came out and said that his name was Carson. I stuck out my hand and he said " one thing you have to know is I'm a hugger." Before I knew it I was being in gulfed by Carson's hug. I started to hug back when my mum stuck her head out the door and told me to get in hear before I catch a cold. I did what she said I went back in and changed into what I had on before a long sleeved shirt that the phases of the moon on it. I put on a pair of baggy sweats on that I had to sleep in. I picked up my phone and went back out side. No one was out there so I decided to go and walk around. I walked down the road when a car pulled up next to me. I looked over and saw JC, Connor, and Carson in it. Connor rolled down the window slowly bobbing his head back and forth. " jump in" he said. I didn't hesitate to do so. I sat in the back with JC.

  Carson was driving I looked at them all "couldn't stay away." I giggled. They all looked at each other through there sun glasses.I smirked and looked at all of them. " if I give you all a kiss will you stop being wierd." They all nodded.I leaned over and crashed my lips into JC's. I unbuckled my seat belt and scooted forward and kissed Connor, Carson got to a red light so I kissed him then. I sat back and shivered again. JC said " it would help if you .aid down so the wind wouldn't hit you" I laid down and put my head on JC's leg. Soon after that I fell asleep, but was awoken by my phone going off i picked it up and unlocked it. There a picture of me laying on JC's leg he had his arm draped over mine and he was looking out the window. I gave my phone to JC and he looked at Connor who was laughing. I waited till it was quit and said in a raspy voice" at least I can kill you if my mum sees this." Connor looked back at me and laughed I fell back asleep and was awoken by someone kissing my forehead i sat up and looked around no one was there. I started kissing JC fast and roughly. I grabbed a hold of the back of his neck and I stopped myself saying sorry and running into my mums apartment.I went to my room and fell on the bed. I started to cry I don't know why but I did. I had just stopped crying when someone knocked on my door. I said " go away" someone came in and sat down. 

   " no i'm not leaveing" I heard a guys voice say I huffed and sat up sniffleing. 

   "weres my mum" I asked I still hadn't opened my eyes. I opened them and saw Connor sitting there. Before he could answer I said something

   " uhh its you" I laid back down and covered my head up.

   " first of all why are you so rude? And second what happened between you and JC"

    " first of all im not rude you just up in my room that's why I'm a bitch. And second nun ya buissness. Now please go away." In said sitting back up. He shook his head no.

    "Not goin away till you tell me what happened."

    " how bout I just show ya." I said leaning in and kissing him fast and rough. He picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He sat me on the dresser that was in my room. I started tugging at the hem of his shirt." If you take that off everything's coming off" he said.I stopped I put my hands on the back of his neck and he put his hands at the small of my back and pulled me close our hips grinded together I heard someone open up the front door I told Connor to go out the window since we were on the bottom level just as I was shutting the window JC walked in he sat down on my bed . I laid down and he laid down next to me. " sorry for that in the car I don't know came over me."

   " its OK I loved it." He said starting to smile. He laid down next to me, I put head under his chin and snuggled into his chest. And slowly fell asleep to beat of his heart.









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