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Livie a girl who goes see see her mom for the winterbreak and her birthday. What she didn't know is that she would be falling in love with her moms boyfriend's 'sons' fast and that she would would be meeting YouTube sensations Connor franta and JC caylen


2. fallen

            jC's POV

  I heard her I breathing slow down and i knew she was asleep. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me. She was cold so I put a blanket over us. I could admitt she was beautiful,and i think i loved her. Her mom walked in and saw us I told to be quit that she was sleeping and got up slowly, thank god she didn't wake up. Me and her mom walked out of her room. I followed her into the hallway and we started to talk." She was crying so I went to make sure she was OK that's all that happened." I said her mom looked me in the eyes. She didn't look to convinced so I left.

       Livie's POV

    I fell asleep in JC's arm and i woke up with no one there at all not even my mum or her boyfriend was there. I got up and made some hot coco. I went outside and walked to a a picnic table in the middle of a field. After I was done with my coco I sat it on the table and laid down and closed my eyes. I was startled by five guys walking my way. I sat up and grabbed the coffee cup that I had my coco in and started walking tower eds my mums apartment. The guys followed me to the apartment building I opened up my mums front door. Soon after there was a knock on the door. I went and opened it and it was Connor. He just walked in and without any warning crashed his lips on mine. I tried to pull away but it didn't help he was to strong. After a while I kicked him hard in the shin. He stopped and grabbed his shin. I ran away and it didn't take him long to catch up. I took a trail that went into the woods when I was little I had built a tree house in these woods. I found it and climbed up the ladder. I went inside of it quickly I watch him through the window  he saw me and I knew it was over we were in the woods alone nobody was around. He climbed up and took me by the legs and pulled towards him, he made me straddle him. I looked at him and a tear down my cheek he rubbed it off and looked at me. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and took my head and laid It on his shoulder. I started crying and he started rocking back and forth telling me that he didn't know what happened back there and that he was sorry. I said it was OK that, that hadn't been then first time someone's done that to me. 

    " what you meen someone's done that to you?"

   " no I just happened to have lost my virginty that night."

   " he didnt force you to do it right." 

    " kind of buthe was my ex so it really didn't matter since done it with him more than once after that."

   " so in the end you were happy." I nodded 

   " but my mum nor my dad knows that had sex so you never ever talk about this moment." We walked out of the woods and went into his and JC's apartment I walked in and all eyes were on me. JC ran up to me and gave me a hug. I bigger him back and learned all the guys names and went back to my mums apartment. I left  my phone in there so I went to get it and I heard Connor yelling at someone laugh than I heard JC. I ran in there and JC just glared at me. I grabbed my phone and texted my mum and asked were she was. She said that she was going to be gone on till tomorrow night and that Ben her boyfriend went to see his son and wouldn't be back til tomorrow. I grabbed Connor and crashed my lips into his. I opened my eyes and saw that JC was walking away.Igrabbed Connors hand and led him to my mums apartment. I opened the door and closed it locking it. 

   "where's your mom ?"  He said 

   " not here and won't be her till tomorrow niether will Ben." 

   I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my legs around his waist. I looked at him and kissed him leaning away I bit his lip. I felt him get hard and tense up. I jumped off of him took his hand and led him to my room. I started kissing him and tugged at his shirt he let me take it off of him. He tugged at mine and I let him take it off. I started unbuttoning his jeans he kicked them off as soon as they were low enough. He untied the string to my sweat pants he tugged them down and I kicked them off. He sat me down on my bed. Laid back he pulled down my panties I pulled down his boxers and I shifted to were my legs were at his sides he looked at me and said " oh I don't have a condom." I got up and walked over to my dresser and slid out a box from under my cloths in my dresser and tossed him a silver packet. He opened it and slid it on. I crawled back under him and he threw the covers over us up with my cover. He slid himself into me and I moand loudly. I arched my back a little bit. He leaned down and started sucking on my neck." Don't leave marks." I said through my moans. After an hour he slipped out of me and laid down beside me. I grabbed his hand I heard someone fumbling with the flip front door I jumped up and through on my clothes and brushed my hair and kind of messed it up since I had fell asleep. I threw Connor his closed and told him to turn on a ,movie and fast forward it so it looked like we were watching it.I went and answered the door only to see a red headed logon standing there. I opened the the door and told him to come in he said then asked if the rest of them could have movie night here. I shrugged " I don't care my mums not comeing home tonight." Connor walked out and said " Livie your missing the movie." I looked back and smiled. He walked back into my room. " did I interupt something." He said moving his eye brows up and down.

   " no we were watching a movie and that's all were doing." 

   "ahhh huh."

   I started laughing at the way he said that." Serisly thats it." 

   " So I'll see you tonight."he walked away and I ran to my room. Connor had put on Pitch Perfect. I went and hopped on the bed and said" it smells like sex and all of the boys are coming over tonight." 

    "I'll find some air freshener."he said getting up I stood up and helped him look. I looked in the closet by the restroom and found some. I sprayed it every where. It spelt like strawberry crush soda. Connor even made me spray it on him. I was thirsty so I walked into the kitchen and got the mountain dew out of the refrigerator and pored it into my glass I got down out of the cabnet. I was looking at the soda so it didn't over flow. I put the bottle down and felt arms snake around my waist. 

   -skip to tonight

  I heard multiple knocks then I heard singing. I ran and got the door there was only two couches that sat three each so I took the mattress off the guest rooms bed. I sat down on the mattress with Connor the boys came in and plopped down on the couches I was hopeing some one would sit down by me other than JC. JC was the last one to come in and all the guys at already filled up the couches. I looked up at JC and got up and went into the kitchen and grabbed some popcorn I heard some one get up but I didn't known who it was. I hopped up on the counter and waited till the microwave went off. I jumped down and couldn't reach the bowl I was going to put the popcorn in. Some one came in and got the bowl for me. I looked to see who it was Ricky. I gave a weak smile. He gave me a hug and asked were the cups were. I pointed to the cabinet. After talking to Ricky for a minute the microwave went off. I poured that into the bowl and walked out and sat it on Kian's lap I held up one finger and ran to my bed room to grab the movies I had. I had to admit I had fallen for Connor.







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