the cold truth

Megan's been surviving in a zombie apocalypse for a year, with a group of survivors.

One day when one of the mean survivors, Amy, goes looking for other people to rescue, she stumbles across One Direction.

But what happens when all the girls start falling for the boys - even Megan, who is trying to hide the cold truth. So while surviving, the boys agree that there can be a group of girls that choose one of the boys. They will help the group survive and whoever survives the most can date the boy they chose.

But who will win Harry? Megan or the other girls...


1. "Shatters"

Chapter One: Shatters


The air was warm and fresh, allowing me to breath in the smell of the atmosphere which didn't smell like zombies for once. I stared at the cement wall, blocking me from entering our shelter. I looked behind me, making sure that Savannah, my best friend, was still there. She nodded, and I entered in the code to get in our shelter.

My fingers pressed the cool buttons, typing in "Shatters" which was what we called out group. Savannah went in before me, and we were soon greeted by Autumn, a fourteen year old girl. She smiled at me. "Hey guys," she smiled with a grin.

"Hi Atty," I said, giving her a hug. Savannah grinned. "What are we working on now?" She motioned to the building that the men were building. "Eh, I think were building a barn for the animals. I really don't get how we build their shelter a year in," Autumn said, brushing her hazel hair out of her face. "Stupid Amy. That's why," I said, taking a deep breath in. Autumn raised her eyebrows, allowing a sigh to burst out of her. "She's an idiot, that's what she is," she said, shaking her head. "Yeah," Savannah agreed. "She's trying to take over, I know she is. While we own Shatters," I said, an angry look on my face.

One of our dogs, Chop, who was a German Shepherd mix. He wagged his tail and I gave him a pat on the head. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a bag of treats. "Let's drop off the supplies and work on clearing out the area around Gordon's place, what's it called?" I paused for a minute. "Rock Valley, I think," Savannah said. I nodded. "Rock Valley. They radioed me in to tell me they are getting a bit low on ammo, and they is a huge wave of zombies coming at them." I said. Savannah nodded. "Wanna come too, Atty?" I asked Autumn. She nodded and pulled out her crossbow from her bag. "Yeah, I need to work on my crossbow skills."

"I'll start on training Chop. He should of started at the age of one, now he's two," I told them. "I'll go notify John, and take our supplies back." Savannah said. I grinned. "We'll come with you." I offered. Autumn followed after us. "Here," Autumn took the large bag from Savannah and we headed into our small shed that Autumn, Savannah, Ivy and I shared. Ivy is a hard working girl that's really nice. She's intelligent and she teaches the children under sixteen there school work. We have a secure school in Shatters, and since we have exactly seventy four people living in Shatters, thirty two under the age of sixteen, we set up a school. What we teach is protection skills, camping skills, self defense skills, cooking skills, intelligence, and normal school subjects.

Savannah was headed to tell John, our forty one year old that makes sure where people is. He also takes care of the radio room. He's really cool, and his wife and daughter Samantha live here. His wife's name is Carly.

Anyways, Samantha got out one of the horse's named Wesley and she began to ride on him. Autumn took a bike and me and Chop walked side by side. 

We headed up towards a hill to find a zombie. I took a knife to it's head. "Why are there not many zombies?" Samantha asked quietly. Autumn and I looked at her. "Zombie infestation?" Autumn started. "Remember?" I finished for her.

"Oh yeah," Samantha grinned. I chuckled.

Chop began to bark and I tensed up. "What is it boy?" I asked. Suddenly, two zombies leaped on me. I kicked them away and Autumn shot one of them, Samantha shooting the other. "Oh god, please tell me you aren't bitten?" The two said in unison. "Jinx, you owe me a soda," Autumn said quietly.

"I'm not, thanks to you guys," I said, giving them both a grin. We passed an old farm before we finally got to Rock Valley. Sure enough, a gigantic area of zombies were outside the walls. I could see people reloading at their self defense tower. Chop began to bite the zombies all around the outside. He ripped their heads off. I shot a couple with my sniper before I had to reload. Meanwhile, Autumn shot as many as we could. Chop came back when he was tired. There was around fifty zombies at the start, and now there was around twenty. Samantha shot ten, and the rest of the ten was a mix up. Suddenly, a scream echoed and I saw Autumn about to get bitten by a huge fat zombie. "No!" I screamed, and Chop began to tear up the zombie. The zombie growled and hit Chop away. Luckily, Chop was still alive and not bitten. I nodded and Samantha and I took hits to the zombie, shooting it with our guns and knifing every so often.

Finally the zombie was dead. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and we saw Damon Taylor, Ryan Parks, Dylan Fresh and Matt Main hurrying up with bandages for us. Ryan was Autumn's age and the two had a crush on each other, and they were 'kind of' dating.

Ryan rushed to Autumn, giving her a hug. Autumn was crying. "Are you bitten?" Ryan whispered, a tear coming down his face. The others were too busy watching them. "No," Autumn looked him in the eyes. "I love you, baby." Ryan said, hugging Autumn. I gave the others a smile, before they checked over us and then looked at Chop.

"Thanks for helping Rock," Matt told us. I smiled. "Your welcome. Radio us anytime. Just don't ask for Amy and any of her mean friends, and your set." I said.

They all grinned, laughing. Autumn and Ryan were hugging and sneaking in a few kisses. Okay, they are defiantly dating.

"Let's look at Chop, in all seriousness." Dylan said. Damon looked at the dog. "He's not bitten," he said softly, wiping a liquid over his cuts. "But you might wanna give him some of these pills. Other wise he will be whining all night at the pain by that fat ass," He laughed, and I couldn't help but laughing too. Soon everybody was. "We'll take ten for ten ammo for all your guns," I offered. They grinned. "All of us?" Ryan questioned, suddenly looking up. "Yeah," I said, reaching in my pocket and taking out ten bullets each for a shotgun, sniper, pistol and AK-47, handing it to them.

"Here," I said, and they traded it in for ten pills. "Thanks," Matt said. "Anytime," Samantha said. "Bye," we waved, and soon we were back at the camp, enjoying a snack of peanut butter crackers and then laying in bed. 


Hey French Fries! It's Liz ( of course! ) and I just wanted to thank you guys for all reading my books. I'm kind of a newbie on here. Really, all I do on here is write stories (that's the point, ut wait) and I suck at that. I've done stories on Wattpad, but i've gotten more views on here.

Can anybody give me feedback, please? xx Thanks alot guys. 


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