His love was addictive. It was wrong, yet so right. I needed him, as much as I needed my drugs. His love was a drug addiction... Almost acidic.


1. Chapter One

I gripped tighter onto the leash lead by my dog, slowly walking home in the darkness, shaking from the bitter cold. My breath flowing out of my mouth in white tendrils. My dog jogging, body filled with energy, I only wish I could have. My body begging for the comforting warmth of my tiny little country home. I was eighteen as of today, and yet, I'm in the middle of an abandoned park. And all because of my dog. My hands going numb from the excruciating stinging of the cold, snow hitting my face having no mercy. I quickly pushed the door open, being greeted by heat, being warmed almost instantly. "3, 2, 1!!!" the T.V counted.

"Happy New Year." I said quietly, blowing my boring little horn. "Let's pray it's as crappy as the last." I said, wishing I'd accomplished something in the year 2013. But sadly, I did nothing special, as I did it every year. I woke up the next morning, a hangover pulsing through my brain. I looked over to see my dog asleep, lipstick all over her nose. I walked into the bathroom, instantly regretting it. Lipstick was all over my face, eyeliner used as lip liner, and eyeshadow in my used-to-be blonde hair. I never thought that I, Ava Fields, could ever result in this shame for her family. I suddenly became very disgusted with myself. That is until, I remembered why I was the person I was today.

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