Break Your Heart In Two

She wasn't ​popular​​,
She wasn't head cheerleader,
She w​as smart​​, But her sister wasn't.

​Jennifer was your average teen with a twin ​Mia​. They're bipolar opposites and it can clearly be seen.

When ​Mia​ decides to throw a birthday bash for her 17th, she demands the latest, punk school band All Time Low. ​Jennifer​ knows that ​Mia​ is only doing this for 'revenge'

Although the only thing on ​Jennifer's​ mind is Alex Gaskarth​, The lead singer of All Time Low​. She is a hopeless romantic meaning she has a slight crush on the guy. Although she's not his friend, ​S​he determined to make sure her sister doesn't beat her to it.


1. Not always right, Never wrong

 Just two classes left. I thought.

     I was sitting in math. The cream walls enclosing me in like I was part of the blob of cream that would be spread on cakes, My secrets being spread to the whole class.I wasn't paying attention to my teacher, the only attention I was paying was to the one and only; Alexander William Gaskarth.

   Alexander, or as everyone calls him; Alex, was just a regular teenager in a regular band. Well not that regular,he was the lead singer in a Punk band 'All Time Low'. Although I never heard the guy sing, I bet he had an amazing voice with just a hint of his British accent coming through the lyrics of his songs. Moving from England to America must have been tough, But he seemed to make friends quite quickly here. I not being one of them.

   You see, I wasn't really a loner, People would talk to me but most of the time it was guys 'trying' to get my sister's phone number, and when I say trying, I mean they would ask me out on dates or offer to do my homework; Stuff like that.I was a small 5 ft 1" girl, Shoulder length brown hair, Green Eyes and I wore glasses. I was a friendly person and quite easy to get along with but I guess having a love towards bands changes everything. People start to judge you on a whole new level.I mean last year I herd some kid talking about me dealing drugs to middle-school kids.Lies.Complete lies.Just because I like bands doesn't mean I deal drugs. Anyways, I'm not that smart but I do try. I want to be a tattoo artist as although I have a passion for music, I can't sing to save my life or play any instruments.When I broke the news of wanting to be a tattoo artist to my parents, I think that's what made them finalize their decision on who's their favorite child. Me or my bitch of a sister Mia. Obviously they chose the lather. 

'Miss Williams-' My math teacher Ms. Connolly startled me. 'What is the answer?'

I looked at the board not having a clue of what she was on about as I was too busy 'Daydreaming' the question was to do with wire, triangle and a hexagon.

'Top hat grommet' I abruptly, not realizing what I did

The class erupted in laughter at my answer, except one person. That person being Alex, I was thankful. My teacher jerked her head towards me before replying...

'Miss that answer is incorrect, We are in math now not 'tattoo class'' she said. I was used to automatically saying tattoo machine parts as my answer. Force of habit.

Seconds later I heard her mumble 'Being a tattoo artist won't get you anywhere in life' While chuckling to herself.

Me, being offended by her comment stood up. The whole class redistribute their heads so all eyes were on me. The room went silent like when there's a 'moment of peace' in mass. 

I retorted to Ms. Connolly 'Excuse me but who are you to judge what will be good for me in my fucking life-' I got cut off.

'Miss, if you don't want to be sent up to the principals office, I'd advise you to sit down and behave.' she turned her attention back to the class. 'now where were we...Ah yes, Alex, what is the answer?'

He jerked his head up from what I presume his 'private' notebook. Whenever anyone asked about it, he would just ignore them.

'eh- B. The answer is B, Square root of six, divided by two.' Alex answered.

My teacher looked pleased and said 'correct' before moving on and me going back into daydream mode.

I had my small sketch book out repeatedly drawing skulls on the page over and over until the bell went moments later.


    I was walking along the corridors flooded with people.Pushed and pulled towards the green lockers while weaving through the students. I was walking towards my last class Art.Art was by far, my favorite class in junior year.Walking into the class I took my seat at the front.


'Alright class now today I will be trying a new exercise-' My art teacher Ms.Kelly spoke in her flamboyant high pitch voice. She was in her 50's and had the mob of curly brown hair. The best part about her was her fashion sense. it brought humor to the class. Everyday she wore something different, but unless you took notice; you may as well just believe she wore the same clothes day-in and day-out. Long dark colored cloaks and dresses, a pair of her precious flats with an unusual necklace.


        She was explaining to the class about pairing up with someone new and creating some sort of piece that could reflect our personalities. combine our two separate pieces of art and merge them into one piece which will be then placed in the food court. she wanted to  lighten up the place. I internally groaned for the thoughts of working with another human. My art was personal and only Ms.Kelly ever saw it. unintentionally though. She started pointing fingers around the room 'paring different people with different styles of art, from cartoonist to realists no-body had the same style of art here; We were all unique, just not many people accepted my style of art.


          I eventually got pared with a girl called Alison. Her art was amazing. She loved to draw anything and everything that was nature related. I swear she was like a tree huger. She was always asking to borrow some sort of green coloring pencil as she ran out if the color quite quickly. Alison walked over to the front of the room where I was situated and placed her bag-pack on the floor beside her. Looking up I thought that I should be polite and greet her.


'Hi Alison' I said quietly.

She looked up from where I was sitting and briefly replied 'hi' before tilting her head back down observing all the colors and dents that were in the table.

'So what theme would you like to do?' Alison mumbled.

I could tell that she wanted to do something related to nature. She looked anxious. Fiddling with the charm bracelet on her arm while looking at the charm with a leaf on it. I thought if I should let her Pick but thought of the other themes. 







'We could do nature, if you want' I replied and instantly her head shot up, eyes full of excitement but suddenly a frown appearing on her face.

'How is nature gonna work, you like the tattoo style of art and that not even close to nature!' She exclaimed.

I stifled a laugh 'You know pacific thing related to the tattoo style art. I mean it can fit in with any theme. have you ever seen a person get a tattoo of flowers, animals, trees?'

She nodded her head before letting out a smile.


This was gonna be great.


          After twenty minuets or so, we had decided to paint some roses.I liked the idea of roses being painful wit their thorns yet romantic at the same time while Alison just like that they were apart of nature.We decided to draw some ideas on our own and see what we come up with before deciding about what exactly we want out painting to look like.


          After a good few minuets I had one drawing of roses done. The rose was grey and had three pink crystals pointing out of them. I liked the drawing but wasn't fully satisfied before starting to draw another rose.


          Another few minuets passed and i was getting ready to color the rose in. it was a deep red with some rich green thorns and leaves around the rose. I was a lot more satisfied with this but instantly thought how I was to show Alison my art. no-one ever saw my art. I lost track of thought when The door opened.


       My heart started to pound just a little and my hands were getting clammy as Alex walked in the room over to Ms.Kelly. I didn't hear the conversation but all I know is that I had to put some scissors back into  the press beside me for Alex. I opened the press and placed them back into the rack before closing the doors and turning my head round to see Alex looking at my drawing.


        I snatched the drawing off him before he said anything. I knew it would be all lies. no-one cared, nobody was bother about me of my life, so why pretend, I thought to myself. Taking the other drawing on the desk and shoving it in my bag along with my pencil, I legged it. Ran, Ran out of the room. Call me over-dramatic; It's just, just that no one has ever seen my art and I wasn't about to change ways now. anyways, by the time I was outside in the scorching sun, The bell rang letting all the students know that they were able to leave this hell of a place called school.


       I quickly walked over to my sisters car hoping to get a list home with her or something like that. I stood against the car with my bag placed on the ground that had been walked and driven over by many people over the years.


         I could see my sisters light brown hair shine in the distance walking in her pink tee, denim shorts,some low wedges Paired off with her Gucci sunglasses. She had an eye for designer fashion hence why she was the popular girl.She was a berk; A selfish one if you ask me, Always using me and just getting me to be her maid; weather it be doing homework or taking detention class for her.I was sick of it. Sick of these games she was playing with me.I didn't want to be part of these sick little games anymore.She lifted her sunglasses onto the top of her head while taking the last few steps over to me.


'I'm going with Amanda to the mall so can you drive home yourself?' sh spoke in her high-pitch voice. 

I gritted my teeth before snatching the keys dangling in her manicured hands. 'Fine' I hissed, on the verge of boiling point.

'oh, you'll also be doing my homework, an essay on the different types of rivers, thanks!' she retorted.

'I don't even do geography!' I exclaimed while throwing my hands up in the air to emphasize the point.

'Tough' she smirked before walking off until I spoke.

'No!' I said loud and clear. I stopped her in her tracks and she turned around.

Her eyes dilated and a small crowd was commencing around us. people jerking their heads to see what the next big gossip will be.

'WHAT!' she suddenly spoke. shocked to see me stand up to her for once.

'listen Mia; I'm not your personal slave, no will I ever be. Your an Idiot who fools people. A Lying bitch. So you listen to me for once! I'm not gonna take your bullshit anymore.So go, Go to the mall and buy a slutty dress to wear and the next party you'll be so wasted at you wont even remember your name'

She stood there shocked. Chattering could be herd among the students that formed the audience. In the corner of my eye I could see Alex and his group of friends smiling as I started the short distant trip home.


a/n: so... yeah this is the first chapter... hope you guys like it :)







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