Look at me the way i look at you


3. Kissed: part 1

The kiss, tender, soft, gentle and loving. But also unknow. Who is this myterious guy? Well i hope its a guy, by judging bye the way he kisses he is trying to be dominant, like most boys. I reframe myself from kissing back, because as far as i know, this could be the notorious, mass murderer Sirius Black. Doubt it though, i seem to be in a daze as my first kiss has been misplaced into darkness t. an eternity passes before i feel the soft lips, have be removed; the shuffling of feet fill my ears once again, before i catch a glimpse of him the halls fill with students and the chatter drowns out the hurried pitter pattered foot steps. i rush out to see no one. i'm all alone... I walk through he busy corridors until i reach an old, haunted bath room. "Myrtle can we talk? something just happened and ginny's being stubborn." "..." "Myrtle?" "Ssh"and "Tell...her...an...yo...dead" was all i all i could make out. i step further through and see myrtle emerge from a locked cubical. "Hey myrtle" "Hello" she sneered back in a squeaky all most disappointed voice. "OH MAH GERD myrtle, i was eating breakfast with luna right, then i put on these weird glasses..." i kept on telling her the whole story until- "...The i turned around to go back, and the sweetest, tender, loving kisses got planted on my lips.OMG right!!! it was like an eternity then he disappeared, but i swear i saw a ash of platinum blonde but it was kinda my first kiss" "First kiss, eh?" "What who said that? Who's in there myrtle? Myrtle?" That exact moment the door swung open revealing a guy? "What your in here? pervert much?" The last comment i made was more of a statement that a question. "What ever, now tell me, want some more?" More what i thought but before i could answer i was met by...
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