Nialin 💕


6. Harry meets Cailin

*knock knock* I walk over to the door. It's Harry. 'Hi' i say. He looks confused/shocked. 'Who are you?' He asks. 'Umm.. I'll let Niall explain'. He walks inside. Niall's on the couch watching tv. Harry walks over to him. I'm still standing at the door. 'Whos that?' Harry says confused. 'Erm.. Please don't tell anyone?' 'I promise' Harry says. 'Well I met her at the meet and greet and have her my number, we hung out yesterday and well now we're... Dating' 'Really?!' 'Yeah' Niall squeaks. 'Shes really pretty!' Harry shouts. I walk over and they both stare me. 'Yes?' I ask. 'Nothing, your just so beautiful' they say together.

I blush. 'Thanks ☺️' I say. I sit down next to them. Niall kisses me on the cheek.

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