Nialin ๐Ÿ’•


13. going on tour

As we eat dinner Niall brings up a serious topic. Going on tour. 'Cailin' he says. 'Yes Nialler' I reply. 'I go on tour next week, world tour'. I feel myself about to cry. 'I don't know what to say' I cry. He hugs me tightly and kisses me firmly. 'I don't want you to go'. 'I know babe but I have to go'. I begin to cry even harder. I put my head into his shoulder. He holds my head and kisses me. 'Ive lost my appetite' I say and walk upstairs.

I lay down and think about Niall going away for nearly a year. Niall knocks on the door and walks in. He lays down next to me. 'I know you don't want me to go Cailin, I don't want to go either' he says sorrily. I lay on his shoulder not saying a word but thinking a thousand. 'Why don't I ask Paul if you can come'. 'He'll probably say no' I reply. 'The answer will always be no if you never ask' he says. He calls Paul. 'Hello Paul'. 'Hi Niall, what's up'. 'Well I was wondering if Cailin could come on tour with us?'. 'She would get really bored'. I think about that. 'Its fine just as along as she's there it would be amazing!' 'Please Paul'. 'Okay, fine, but don't let her get in between your career'. 'I won't' Niall replies. .

'CAILIN HE SAID YES'. 'Really?!' 'Yes babe!' 'Your coming on tour!' He shouts.

I lay on his chest and fall asleep to the beat if his heart. 'I love you Nialler' I whisper as I drift off to sleep.

Nialls P.O.V

I'm so happy Paul said yess! I lay here playing with Cailins hair. She's like and angel when she sleeps. I love her. I always will. I'm so glad I met her. What if she never went to the meet and greet. Boo jumps up on the bed and sits next to me. What are we going to do with Boo I think. Sascha or my mum can probably look after him. Hopefully. I slowly fall asleep.

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