Nialin ๐Ÿ’•


2. Calling Niall

'He have you his number oh my god!' Sascha screamed. 'I know, I can't believe it!' 'Lets call him?' Sascha said excitedly. I grabbed my phone and sat on the bed. I dialled the number...

He answered. 'Hello?' 'Hey, it's the girl you gave your number to today at the meet and greet'

'Oh, your the beautiful brunette?' 'Yeah!' I nearly screamed. 'How old are you girl?' He asked. '19' I said. 'Great, you wanna meet up some place tomorrow?' 'Of course', 'perfect'. The phone call ended.

'Oh my fucking god Cailin!!' Sascha yelled. 'Im going to hangout with Niall Horan tomorrow!'

Sascha had to go home but she text me when she got home. I couldn't sleep.. Again. I had dreamt about this day ever since I started liking one direction. I fangirled over them every day. I loved them so much! I started day dreaming about tomorrow, but I knew I had to go to sleep.

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